Sony revealed its wearables at IFA

Sony participated at IFA and disclosed its brand new wearables. The company aimed to compete against Samsung and set out to the market the Sony SmartWatch 3 and Sony SmartBand Talk. Those two accessories follow Sony`s belief that a smartwatch should offer lifelogging and warnings.

So, the Smartwatch 3 is meant to be a helper to your smartphone and the SmartBand Talk represents a regular tracker with an extra option for talking.

The SmartWatch 3

The SmartWatch 3 uses Android wear and it is said to be a small competitor to what Samsung released. It has a 1.6 inch 320 x 320 TFT LCD screen which is pretty different from Samsung`s AMOLED used on Gear S. It has a Micro USB port for charging.

As same as many other smartwatches which include Samsung Gear S, the SmartWatch 3 has incorporated a GPS. This is meant to help runners to better their performances by offering the most exact tracking numbers. An interesting thing about this device that Sony released is the fact that it has an internal memory of 4GB. This will allow you to listen to your favorite music through a Bluetooth headset.

It is said that it will be available on black and green and it will have an extra pink strap for ladies. So, it will be a pretty funky device.

The SmartBand Talk

The second device announced by Sony at IFA, Is the SmartBand Talk. This is meant to be more like an activity tracker. It has a regular 1.4 inch e-paper display that it is said that will make the battery last longer.

AN interesting thing about this band is the fact that it has incorporated a voice control feature that will allow you to take calls by simply speaking into the band. This is pretty handy if you happen to be too far away from your smartphone.

Among the sensor this band has, we can mention the accelerometer and altimeter. Those will monitor track runs, walks and climbs. Anyway, if the GPS is not turned on, the info will be basic. The activity and info will be stored in Sony`s Lifelog app which works only on Android.

The SmartBand Talk will be available on black or white, but Sony stated the fact that it is considering on releasing the device on more ful variants by the end of the year. It is said that Sony is tacking into account the release of some designs meant for women.