Smartwatches designed to suit women

If it were to describe the smartwatches world, we would be able to sum it up in a few words. Smartwatches tend to be designed especially for men. Maybe the companies do not intend that and sometimes they state the fact that their product is unisex, but the size and design of the majority is obviously man-like.

So, if a woman tries to wear it, the look will be obviously a comic one. This is what happens with all new techs that appear on the market.

Anyway, there was a study conducted in 2013 that reveals the fact that 48% of those that use a smartphone are women. This means that smartwatch makers should consider the fact that if they do not design devices that can fit both man and women, they will probably lose almost half of its likely customers. Juniper Research data underlines the fact that until 2019 we will see that more than 100 million people will use smartwatches.

What about the wrist?

The first attempts of building a smartwatch were a bit odd. The devices end up very big and strange, but this is starting to improve, which is a sign of an evolving market. Among the enhanced devices we can mention the Moto 360 and LG G Watch R. Users require something more fashionable that can only be obtained by regular watch makers like Casio, Swatch and Omega. A smartwatch also needs a look that resembles a watch and if it is stylish too, the sales will make a boom. There are a few attempts in this direction like Casio`s Bluetooth enabled G-Shock. Some say this cannot be called a smartwatch.

What companies should remember is that style is essential no matter of what gender the wearer is. The issue is that there are few smartwatches designed especially for women. Samsung states the fact that there is no need to rush into setting up a wearable specifically for women. They rely on the fact that even though most of the smartwatches have been designed for fitness tracking, women do not adopt them and the wearables move very slowly in the direction of fashion. Even though smartwatches are more popular among man, Samsung continuously tries to improve their devices and make them more attractive for women.

Style, not substance

A wearable designed especially for women needs to have some taste. For sure there are few ladies that will opt for Intel MICA smartband, a hideous device that has incorporated shiny stones. This expensive band will certain not be popular among those stylish ladies that want something that has taste. As an example, if the Moto 360 would have a tinier version, it will be the perfect option for ladies. An example of a smartwatch that can fit the wrist of a woman is the Cogito Pop.

Anyway, there are not too many attempts on building smartwatches that can fit a smaller wrist. So, this means that there are not available some proper models for ladies and not that women are not interested in smartwatches.