Smart tech jewellery

Smart jewelry refers to the wearable tech that can actually be beautiful accessories. This is how women that are highly concerned with the way that they look can take advantages of smartwatches without having to wear a big, inexpressive screen on their arm.

Manufacturer companies such as Ringly and Kovert Designs figured that the only way their products will be successful is to create something that not only helps people, but also, makes people enjoy the fact that they are wearing it.

So they created beautiful accessories that will let you check your notifications, will make the perfect fitness trackers and will provide you with information about your health. And this coming from your ring, necklace or bracelet.

And this is not something that they plan for the future. Womenswear designers, MIT students and Kickstarter already produce jewelry that help you in your daily routine.

Next, you will be reading a list with 8 of the most impressive wearable tech.

1. Altruis

You can choose the device to be a ring, bracelet or necklace, and even if it comes at a rather high price, it will do its job perfectly. It will alert you if you have any notifications and it will fit at most of your outfits. There are three different sizes for the ring, which also comes in three materials, gold, rose gold and platinum.

The smart device can be ordered from for £290.

2. Ear-o Smart

Ear-o Smart is the perfect wearable device especially for women that are used to and like to wear earrings. The single earring that you will be wearing will be your fitness tracker, providing information such as the burnt calories and the heart rate.

This can be ordered from for $125.

3. Arc Pendant

Is one of the best models of jewelry that is actually a smart device. However, the Arc Pendant is a men's accessory that you will be wearing as a necklace (or if you are not used to wear necklaces you can simply remove the main unit and reattach it).

The price is not yet announced but the device will be available to order at

4. Tory Burch x Fitbit

Is a great asset considering that a famous designer helped the production of the device. The stylish look of gold-plated pieces make out of this device one of the most wanted wearable tech.

Get your Tory Burch Fitbit from for £155.

5. Opening Ceremony MICA

MICA, meaning My Intelligent Communication Accessory besides being a little too expensive, it perfectly combines pearls and semi-precious stones with high technology. The bracelet will allow you to read all your messages even if you forget your phone at home, and it has a roughly 48 hours battery life.

Get your bracelet from for $495.

6. Ringly

Ringly is a 18k gold ring with precious stones attached, it comes in different sizes and it work with both Android and iOS.

The ring works rather simple, it has four vibrations patterns and five s to alert you about your notifications.

You can buy the ring from for $145-$195.

7. Mira

It is considered to be a good looking band that helps you throughout the day, due to the fact that is constantly sending you motivational quotes to keep you focused or others to make you laugh.

Order it at for $149

8. Wristify

It is a great device that helps you monitor your temperature and it can cool down or warm up your wrist area, which is a spot that is actually controlling the temperature in your entire body. There is no final version of the bracelet but what it is sure is that you will be able to order it from