Smart cars: Why the car is almost like a next home

As time passes, it seems that the revolution in wearable tech and mobile devices is getting closer to cars as well. Many experts agree that the connected car will be next best thing in the vehicle market. All you have to do is hook up you smartdevice and then the connected car becomes an extension of the connected self, or better say, the best wearable device.

Saved by the car

You may be asking what does the connected car have that makes it special? Well, probably the fact that it might save your life. Ford unveiled the S-Max Concept which features the ECG Heart Rate Monitoring Seat, which can use the SYNC in-car Wi-Fi to alert a medical care unit or take over the wheel if something seems off.

Connected cars will give the driver the ability to see what is wrong with them by using an app from their smart devices. You will no longer have to dirty your hands to check the oil.

But the connected car is not just about safety and health, they created a whole new version of in-car entertainment. The car will become a moving Wi-Fi hotspot with music and movies streaming.

Wheeled data mine

since connected cars are able to generate a lot of data which can become useful for insurance companies, it means that they will save money on insurance.

What you need to know about wearable data

This new connected car concept sounds really nice, right? Well developing a car differs very much from developing a smartphone. The life spans of these things are significantly differ as we use a phone for a year or two and a car for about 8.3 years.

Both Google and Android developed car systems, but this can only cause some more problems for car makers as they may lose a great number of drives if they chose one system over another. The driver won’t be able to use and Android wear on an Apple’s CarPlay, or the other way.

Also, there will be the issue of security once the car connects to the internet as they will be vulnerable to virtual attacks. It is believed that the cars will be as vulnerable to malicious attack just as websites are, so they will have to be protected.

All eyes on you

We have talked about what the cars will be able to do in matters of safety, health, entertainment and even about some risks, but what about privacy? The car will no longer just a trail of exhaust but also one made out of data, so how do developers intend to keep this information private?

If we start thinking about it, in 20 years how many people will actually own their personal car? The future seems to be made out of shared cars which can take care of themselves without a person being too involved, all of this if they will be connected. Before the cars will be independent of us and drive themselves, they will still need to check on the drivers if they are still alive. Something about this little fact, seems a bit taken out of a sci-fi horror movie.