Sleep trackers and monitors - Sheep counters

We sleep close to a third of our lives and most of us complain about the lack of it.

Good diet, low stress and exercise can help us sleep better, but with work, family drama, snoring partners getting a good nap it's kind of impossible these days.

The technology can help us.

We found the latest technology that can help you sleep better making your nights longer, your mornings easy and helping you deal with your snoring partners.

Withings Aura

This kit works by tracking your sleep pattern and waking you up preventing bear-with-a-sore-head syndrome. Those who suffer from poor sleep might want taking this kit.

It looks like an odd lamp that monitors your sleeping environment such as temperature and annoying levels of noise. While you are sleeping the thin sensor pad collects data such as heart rate, movement and respiration and sends it to the beside lamp device which then calculates the most efficient time to wake you up.

You can visualize your sleep patterns on dedicated iOs and Android apps.

The SleepRate

This tracker it's not counting on motion detection, so it's using a wireless chest strap heart rate monitor that helps tracking your body while you are sleeping. The application can show the quality of sleep and environmental factors if it's combined with your phone's microphone.

Based on your sleep patterns, the application will give detailed instructions such as the best time to wake up and how to encourage sleep. Just use it for five nights and you will have your personal sleep assistant.

Sense (ETA: December 2014) tracker

This tracker can be clipped onto your pillow and the pill unit tracks down the number of movement you make during your sleep.

To detect the sources that might affect your sleeping routine the tracker combines the amount of movement with temperature, ambient light and noise.

Sense can tell what you need to change in order to get a good sleep. You might need to change your curtains or turn down the radiators.

Beddit Sleep Monitor and Wellness Coach trackers

Like the most sleeping trackers, this gathers data on sleep quality, duration, respiration and heart rate. You need to tuck the sensor under your bed sheets and that's it. What makes it better? It can sync wirelessly so you don't have to wear a separate monitor.

The Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

This application it's a lot cheaper than a dedicated sleep tracker, but it's also limited. Sleep Cycle is using the phone's accelerometer to track your sleeping activity and gives you a good overview of your sleeping patterns.

There are mornings where we all wake up with our mind not feeling as clear and focused as it should, so before you go to sleep, tuck you smartphone under your bed sheet, set the alarm as usual and the application will choose the best time within a 30 min window to wake you up. It will definitely reduce the morning muzzy feeling.

Misfit Shine tracker

The tracker is so small and light you won't even notice it's there. You can wear it as a pendant or clipped onto your clothes or on wrist.

It's difficult to choose the best sleep tracker these days due to their varieties. They all offer the same options like sleep phase tracking, graphs and information, but Missfit Shine it's the most confortable one.

Jawbone UP24

This wristband tracks daytime activity and sleep patterns. With Jawbone UP24 it's like having a personal coach with you 24/7. Sometimes it's annoying, when it patronizes you with motivational witty remarks like: “You're in the groove”, “you rock”.

During one of your lightest sleep phases, it can wake you up with the vibrating alarm function, probably its best feature. If you want you can share your stats with your Facebook and Twitter friends.

The aXbo Couple

Using the data gathered, aXbo determines the perfect time to wake you and your partner in the morning. The sweatbands are synced wirelessly to the alarm clock.

Set the alarm and activate the sensor incorporated in the wristband and aXbo will wake you up at the perfect time making you feel more refreshed. Since it doesn't have a snooze button, take care because you cannot nap.