Setting up and connecting Android Wear

If you are new into the world of wearables, this guide will help you connect and set up your wearables like your new Moto 360 or LG G Watch R to your smartphone.

A future of wrist-based notifications and coherent voice commands awaits after Google’s OS is finished.

This guide covers step-by-step connecting your wearable to your phone, installing the necessary software and configuring the linked applications.

Forget about the supplied pamphlet and follow this easy to use guide. Grant yourself approximately 10 minutes to finish the process. You will need your Android phone, your smartwatch and a power socket to charge them up.

Get ready to use it

Before you start playing around with it make sure it is fully charged- because your new Android Wear gadget isn’t going to dazzle you, and remove all the protective covers and films. When it’s taking on juice it should notify you.

Combine Android wear with your smartphone

After your watch it is fully charged, choose a language and install Android Wear on your phone from Google Play. Connect your watch via Bluetooth with an Android Wear device, select it from the list of wearables and confirm the link on both your phone’s screen and the smartwatch display.

Get used with Android Wear

Swipe in different directions to control your Android Wear. If you swipe down from the top of the screen you will mute audio and notifications. If you want to see more details about the current card swipe right-to-left and if you want to dismiss it swipe left to right. You can move between apps swiping bottom to top.

Personalize your watch settings

To access quick tasks and settings tap on the red Google logo. Customize your watch by searching carefully into the Settings menu. You can change the brightness, activate airplane mode and restart or reset it.

Other settings

You can find more settings in the Android Wear app you installed on your smartphone. Tap on any entry to make changes such as the Clock for setting an alarm, mute notifications for specific apps and show or hide cards when the screen is dimmed.

Make it pretty

You can make your watch look pretty by changing the watch faces.At first you don’t have many options meaning that you are stuck with the faces that came with your device, but an inevitable update will let you browse and install them from Google Play. To bring up the gallery tap and hold on your smartwatch’s screen, then swipe left and right until you see something that might interest you. You can select it by tapping once on it.


You won’t have many problems with the Android Wear setup process, but if you face any problems the old IT favorite of rebooting your devices should be able to clear up any issues. Devices can talk to one another via Bluetooth, so make sure it is enabled. Depending on the version of Android your phone has, the location of the option prominently shown in the Settings app may vary.