Samsung Gear smartwatch: Gear 3 - What to expect of it?

Since Samsung Gear’s launch in September 2013, the Korean company has added six more devices, and this includes the Android Wear version, the new Gear S with its 3G capabilities and the Gear Live.

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Samsung’s fans are excited to see what the company planned with Gear S 2, Gear Fit 2 and Gear 3.

The preferred operating system

Galaxy Gear, the first Gear watch, supported a customized version of Android.

Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo are running on the Tizen platform, and the new Gear S will run on it as well. Google also got in the smartwatch race and released Android Wear, so the next question will be if the upcoming Gear will run on Android or not?

Developing Tizen took Samsung a lot of time and effort and the company hopes that this operationg system will be a worthy competitor for Android. At the moment, second-generation Gear watches are the only ones running the operating system, and it seems that Samsung plans to release more Tizen operated devices.

What about circular display?

While people have not gotten the chance to test out the new Moto 360 circular display, it seems that round faced smartwatches will be a step in the right direction. Samsung seems to be of the same opinion so looking at three prototypes, it looks like the company gives up on the square shape.

While people cannot rely on rumors and patents only, it indicates that Samsung is at least planning to approach a different angle for the Gear’s future designs. However, Gear Fit 2 will most likely have the usual curved OLED display.

New year, new USP

Every Gear line of watches had a specific new and unique feature. The first version had a camera and a speakerphone and the second one had a fitness prowess and a heart rate monitor. Gear Fit also had a heart monitor, so it is natural for us to expect that Gear Fit 2 and Gear 3 will have one as well.

But what the public really wants instead of new features is a slimmer version. Samsung decided to leave out the camera for Gear 2 Neo and Gear Live.

By slimming down the features, the device might have room for a larger battery or at the very least, a batter which will last more than a day. Something that the public will like, would be if Samsung will give up on the proprietary charging base and hopefully go wireless and add Qi, something which Moto 360 might have.

The launch date of Samsung’s new smartwatch

Samsung has a tradition of making a big impression at IFA. This showcase event is where the Korean company launches its new Galaxy Note phablet. With the media invites sent out for the ‘˜Unpacked’ event which was set on 3 September, IFA 2014 seemed to continue the trend.

Next to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4, the public expected the announcement of a new wearable device excepting Gear S already unveiled at the end of August. Samsung’s Oculus Rift headset promises to be a virtual reality treat.