Samsung Gear S vs. Sony SmartWatch 3

Both Samsung Gear S and Sony SmartWatch 3 started their sales almost at the same time.

The Japanese company, Sony, has been in the smartwtch market for a while and SmartWatch 3 promises to be an impressive device.

Users already know that Android Wear is not the only operating system for smartwatches.

Samsung created Tizen for its wearable devices such as Gear S or Gear Neo 2.

Samsung vs. Sony: OS and Apps

Sony SmartWatch 3 works with Android Wear, as the company gave up on their smartwatch software. This decision seems to be a good one seeing as how Google keeps working on improving its systems.

On the other hand, Tizen seem to a standalone operating system for the Samsung watches. This operating system allows the users to read and reply to emails, and currently they started developing a web-browser for the watch. Tizen has much more features than Android wear, but to use the watch, you would still need to have a Samsung device with Android 4.3 to use it.

Tizen has about 1,000 fully-featured apps available, including Facebook and Endomondo. Android Wear also has a wide selection of app and more are in development.

Samsung vs. Sony: Health

Sony SmartWatch 3 is between the first Android Wear devices which has a GPS sensor which is very good if you are a runner. Also, most Android smartwatches have a pedometer, but they are not very accurate. With the new update, the devices lets you store music on the watch’s internal storage, even if it is offline.

Gear S also has some fitness features including GPS. The S Health app lets the user check his daily stat, maps the runs and keep track or the heart rate, and every data can sync to the S Health app on the phone.

Samsung vs. Sony: Hardware

The most important thing when we compare hardware, is the screen, and it seems that Samsung wins this challenge, not only against Sony, but against any smartwatch. Samsung’s smartwatch has a curved AMOLED display, while Sony lacks it, which may impact on the battery life and visuals.

Other subjects such as RAM or processor size are not that important in smartwatch world, for now at last.

Samsung vs. Sony: Notifications

The main concept of a smartwatch is to give the user the ability to look-up information and his wrist and keep your smartphone in the pocket, unless something important comes up.

Sony SmartWatch 3 will alert you about calls, texts, emails and any other notification you chose to receive from apps.

Tizen also lets do all those things, and with the watch you can reply to texts and emails, even lets you make a call directly from the watch. Gear S has a SIM slot, which will allow to make calls even when you don not have your phone near, but this means that you will have a separate phone number.

Samsung vs. Sony: Price

Sony SmartWatch is one of the priciest Android Wear with its £185 price tag. On the other hand, it is cheaper than Samsung Gear S with the price of £329, and the Gear 2 Neo at £160.

Samsung vs. Sony: Conclusion

Both Android Wear and Tizen have their pluses and minuses, but you can make your decision based on your own personal preferences.