Running better with the Nike+

Some fitness tools that have become instantly-recognisable are the Nike Fuelband and the Nike+ running apps. Nowadays, Nike transformed itself into a comprehensive coach for any runner, having more precision and features than before.

Nike has its personal system now, called NikeFuel that uses its own currency for activity.

The NikeFuel points are the diesel that powers the Nike+ engine and helps you while you run so you maintain a consistency to your workouts.

The Nike+ software has a simple interface and can be a great partner for anyone who wants to train for a race or just wants to get fit. The Garmin Connect or the Polar Flow will show you more data but if you use the Nike+ correctly, it will be better.

Finding a coach

With the Nike+ running app, you can prepare so you can smash a 5K or step up for a marathon. The app has a lot of customized training programmes and you can choose the distance and the intensity of your program.

Keep in mind that it is important to find the best level for you, each of them showing the exact distances that you will need to run week by week.

Push yourself

Challenge yourself with the Nike+ Challenges feature. You can drag your friends into this, set a distance, a duration and see who will win. You can also enter someone's else challenge and no matter what you do, push yourself to the limits.

Remember that you should choose the right level before diving into the program.

Heat map

This feature of the app shows you how are you running over the entire course. The parts of the course where you run fast are represented with green, the moderate ones with yellow and the slowest with red. In this way, the app will show you where you need to push more and where you can slow down a bit.

It is recommended to keep a record of your routes and of your route performance. This will give you a big boost.

Fuelband app

If you are not really using the Nike+ running app for the hard exercises and you are more into the easy ones and yoga, try the Nike Fuelband. Along with the Fuelband app, it will show you how many Fuel points you burned during your sessions.

It even shows you the Fuel earned from your morning coffee.

Sync it up

Make sure that you sync your data regularly with your Nike+ account if you are using the Nike FuelBand.

Boost your activity by 10 or 20% by using the app and also being more confident on yourself.

How to find the best routes

Access the web-based Nike+ platform and check the routes. The distance of it, estimated time and the number of the other runners who used it will be shown.

This feature will help you a lot with your training, making sure that you are exercising on the good routes.

Keep your enemies close

By using the Nike+, add friends and you can peek at their records and routes so you know what you have to do better.

Also, if you have friends , invite them to try the app. You might thank them later.

Double check the numbers

The app has a feature that after you finished your run, you can tell it how are you feeling after the workout. You can also edit the info about your run.

If you do that, if you fudge the numbers, you are only cheating yourself. On the other hand, if the area where you are in makes problems to your GPS, you can enter manually the right distance. Remember that your personal profile should be filled with care and updated regularly.

Write it down

You can always add notes to your recorded runs with the Nike+ app and it is a very great idea. Adding those notes will help you discover what sort of workout is the most effective for you.

Always look at the big picture

The Nike+ app makes it easy to see your overall progress and it is recommended to check it over weeks and months too, not just days and hours.

It has an option where you can select the year and see in which months you achieved the most miles in. The average pace, the calories burned and the Fuel points earned will also be shown.