Running applications that will make the difference

The best way to track your fitness goals it's choosing the best running application.

Nowadays there are a lot of running applications from where you can choose, like important brands from Nike to Adidas and Puma and there is rough competition from Runkeeper, Runtastic and Endomondo.

The fitness trackers can give you feedback, can help you with a map of your route and it can give you information about the distance you travelled or the calories you burned.

No matter why you are training, you can always find a running application that suits your needs.

The Edmondo Sports Tracker

The Edmondo Sports Tracker is one of the best running applications. It can show distance, heart rate, and the duration of your workout. With Pebble integration it vibrates every mile or kilometer you run, so this shall keep you motivated.

The Start Running!

With this application you can see your progress, like how many calories you burned, how much distance you covered. It's a four-week training program with three sessions per week. The best thing is that you can share your progress with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

The Running Pace Calculator

This application calculates your running rate in five different units based on the time you have. Also it suggests training rates and ways to make you faster. If you want to predict when you'll finish a marathon, you can use the application to work out.

Runtastic app

The Runtastic application syncs with the Sony SmartWatch 2 and gives you information like calories burned, workout duration, distance covered, all on your Smartwatch. Just like the Edmondo Sports Tracker shows heart rate, running rhythm, or burned calories. The difference is that Runtastic has a coach voice that gives you feedback and it's easier to work with.

The Strong Runner

The Strong Runner consist in a series of video workouts. These videos target different muscle groups and cover the warm-ups, strength-training and stretching. While you are training you can listen to your favorite music from your iTunes library.

The Nike FuelBand

It's the best wearable around due to its options like comparing your results with friends in Nike+ Groups and win trophies. After two years on iOS, Nike has released an application for Android too. There is a rumor which says that the Nike FuelBand will surpass the Apple's iWatch or iBand.

Running Tips app

It is a very good application based on RSS feed collating articles that are about running tips. You can choose the article you need, read it up and share tips with your friends. Filter your search by using keywords, or hit the random button if you want to read some random tips.

The Running Cadence Injury Coach

You may need this application if you don't want to hurt yourself. Putting less stress on your articulations, you could minimize the chance of injury. Record how much impact your body takes when you pound the pavement and the application will coach you to run in a safe way. You can find this application free on Google Play.