Run like a pro - tips and tricks for the Adidas miCoach

The Adidas miCoach app is one of the most powerful training tools for a runner.

This app can be used by marathon-running athletes and even by newbies.

This platform has a lot of features and here are few tips for using it.

Discover and beat your limits

There are four different zones that this app provides to measure the intensity of your workout.

Using your watch in an useful way. – must read

Schedule an Assesment Workout and miCoach will measure what zones are the best for you. To do this,log into and go to Schedule.

Keep in mind that the more accurate your heart rate information is, the more effective your training is going to be. If you have problems with your workout program, if you feel tired or if it is too easy, tell miCoach how you feel.

Run stronger instead of faster

It is important to have a strength and flexibility plan and miCoach will help you to to target this to a number of workouts. Keep in mind that it isn't all about the cardio.

Sticking to the plan isn't a must, a single workout might help your body recover faster from a workout.

Workout history

The miCoach workout journal is a great way of seeing your previous runs and workouts. Keep in mind that it might be helpful to go back trough history and take a look at the previous runs. You can see your last day of workout and even a day from the last year.

Make sure you're doing it right

If you don't to your pre-exercise before the workout, you might have problems. miCoach can even plan your warm-up so take advantage of it and use it. Position your body well and run properly.

Intervals mixed up

Most of the people say that long runs are good for endurance but if you'll ask any runner, he will tell you that interval training is what matters. By using miCoach's Be Fit running plan, you'll be able to find your interval plan that will work for you.

Exercise and soon you will see that the blue and green interval zones don't fit you anymore. At that time, you will proceed to the yellow and reds. Also, miCoach allows you to create your own interval workouts.

See how others are doing

Follow other people, using miCoach and see their train programs, stats and achieves. You can also create a group of people or just join one if you are lazy.

Weekly goals

A new feature is available now on the miCoach. It is called Weekly Goals. Set up some weekly goals and win them rather than going for the long-term ones. The shorter term ones will encourage you to stick with it and don't give up.

The community

miCoach is a well-known ap with a large community of fitness addicts. If you aren't sure about your workout plan or if you're just looking for some tips, this is where you should pose questions.
Be confident and ask anything that bothers you.

Footwear have limits too

It is known that shoes matter as well in a workout plan. miCoach has this problem covered too. It has a section where you can add your current pairs of shoes and keep an eye on their mileage. When their time is over, just put em aside and get a new pair.

Point-to-point plot system

Measure well your distance with the point-to-point plot system that allows you to even save your routes so you can re-run them whenever you like.