Rumours, release date and want we want to see at the Apple iWatch

The iWatch is expected to be announced on 9 September in Cupertino where Apple is throwing a big event.

Things change when Apple announces to release a new category product and the tech industry is in a permanent speculation.

When the original iPhone was released, the rumours about the Apple iWatch started to appear and they survived until now.

What is known ?

The chain of events

In February 2013 , Apple was the main subject of New York Times newspaper that said that they are going to use curved glass to build a smartwatch.

The Verge reported, in March 2013, that Apple's Watch will have a full version of iOS like for example, the iPhone.

In May 2013, Tim Cook, Apple's Ceo told at the D11 conference that “the wrist is interesting”

Apple hires two experts in digital sensors in November 2013. Those experts are from leading biotech companies.

In February 2014, sleep expert Roy J.E.M Raymann is hired.

Tag Heuer's sales director is hried by Apple in June 2014. iOS 8 is revealed and contains some health features.

In July 2014, a second patent for a smartband called iTime is revealed.

Invites are sent for the 9th of September at iWatch launch event. This happened in August 2014.

Apple did not confirmed that it's working on a wearable but there are a lot of speculations but its actions certainly suggest that a smartwatch is under development.

Nick Bilton, from New York Times newspaper suggested that Apple is experimenting with devices that are made of curved glass. This was the first sign.

Cupertino backed up the rumours with supportive actions.

Apple started hiring people that could help them in the process of designing a successful wearable.

Sarah Rotman Epps, a Forrester analyst who is specialized in wearable computing and smartphones said that Apple has done a lot of hiring in this particular area.

She also mentioned that Apple company already has partners that make accessories for the iPhones, partners that include the company in the wearable space.

A lot of rumours are about their biggest partner, Nike, which might work with them to create the FuelBand.

A good patent is what fuels the speculation fire and some telling fillings have been spotted over in the US.

Apple submitted, in 2009, a patent for a curved glass panel that was touch sensitive.

Apple's Magic Mouse uses same technology but that device was released in 2009 and this patent wasn't submitted until 2010.

In 2011, the first wearable-tech patent came but it was only uncovered in 2014. In its description it was saying that it is a device called ” iTime ” which had an iPod nano size. That device was attached to wrist strap.

That patent shows that the iTime can be removed from the strap. This means that the wearer will have a lot of possibilities for different accessories and straps.

Cupertino started to trademark the iWatch name around the globe in 2013.

Invites have been sent on 28 August, by Apple for its next big launch event. This indicates that the iWatch will really be launched.

After these news, rumours appeared again. They said that the iWatch will be delayed until 2015 and it will cost 400$.

What is not known

The rumours are that the watch unveiling will happen in October 2014.

Ming-Chi Ku, an analyst from KGI Securities suggested that Apple's iWatch might be delayed until 2015. This is due to manufacturing difficulties.

It is not known yet what specs it will have nor if it will be a band or a watch.

The Samsung Gear Live has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 CPU, 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage. There is nothing known about the apple's specs but check these and make an idea.

All the watches that have been made before had from LCD to OLED screens. Also apple is very experienced with creating small devices.

Steps sensors, heart rate ones, pulse meters and others are expected to be in the new Apple product. Having a smartphone connected to the current fitness bands is a must if you want to track your miles and listen some music in the same time.

What is wanted to be seen

A built in GPS is one of the most expected and wanted things in the Apple's iWatch because it will offer much more accurate data.
If it will have this feature, that means that the iPhone could just be left home.

It would be lovely to see the iWatch accessing our tunes and play them. Also, if it could pair with some wireless headphones, it would be perfect.

If Apple is going to release something with less than an OLED screen, a big disappointment will be seen on everyone's face. Also this would be a win for Samsung. Wireless charging is expected and also a three days battery life.