Rumours of the week - the New Moto 360 might be released and more

The wearable tech industry is moving so quick nowadays and there are a lot of news about any wearable and everywhere. Rumours are being heard about a new Moto 360, a quest to get the Apple Watch into product on and a wearable that basically tells you how to eat properly.

Is a Moto 360 2 under developing?

The Moto 360 has been launched few time ago and the rumours say that the company is already thinking to create a successor.

Gleb Mishin, the vice president of Lenovo, which owns Moto nowadays, revelead, in a Q&A session that the next version will be different, it will have a new design and it will be as he said ” more beautiful and more like a clock”.

The BitBite

This healthy eating wearable focuses on the way you eat instead of checking calories. The interesting fact is that you will place this device into your ear, not on the jaw or inside your mouth or anything like it. The device contains a sensor that tracks the times of your meals and says exactly how much you chew.

O2 and wearables

Ronan Dunne, the CEO of O2, stated that its company has the desire to become a leader in the wearable tech industry. He also said that he wanted to see the company move towards embracing wearables. One of their projects was the O2 Sharer Plan which was launched and allows customers to share their data plans across SIM cards. This feature works for the Samsung Gear S and for the Puls band.

Dunn : ” We see our role as not only a phone provider, but being at the centre of that ecosystem.”

The Sapphire plant and Apple

The plant where millions of Sapphire displays were made for Apple suffered a bankruptcy. The company revealed in an interview that Apple is looking for ways to keep this plant open and continue their watch production.

Christopher Brady : ” Apple indicated their commitment to us : They need that building, they want to repurpose it and use it again ”

It is strange how a company that was producing a major component for Apple's newest product could go into bankruptcy.

The FES watch

The FES watch is a crowdfunding project that uses E-Ink.

Its display tech extends across the entire strap instead of just using E-Ink for the screen. In this way, 24 different design combinations can be approached by the wearer.

In the matter of features, that is pretty much all it has and there are no notifications or trackers built-in. The makers boast that its low-power screen will give the battery a two month life.

The watch is limited to Japan only nowadays and it costs almost 170$.

The VB Cricket Watch

This is a device for all the cricket fans, made by Victoria Bitter. It keeps up the score of any cricket match that takes place in Australia and it shares it with the user. If you push the B function button, major events will be added such as hat-tricks and ranging from boundaries.