Rumor and ideas from the world of wearables

So, let`s sum up the rumors about the latest wearables available on the market, about the new entries or old ones, about what improvements have some devices that others do not have and so on.

The most wanted watch: Apple watch

Some speculated the fact Apple will not be able to keep up with the market anymore because of the fact that the process of building the Apple Watch has encountered an impediment. The crystal sapphire displays are said to be no longer available which means the company will have a lot to catch up in order to put its watch in front of the market.

GTAT, GT Advanced Technologies, was the one that provided Apple with the amazing sapphire glass. So, if we consider the report released in the Wall Street Journal, GTAT is bankrupt and not able anymore to sustain Apple`s requirements. This means that the wearable market will be transformed if Apple is not able to amaze with its brand new gadget.

Lenovo and its willingness to use a child`s idea

This is the most amazing thing we have experienced on the wearable market. Lenovo tries to attract its customers by appealing to their kinds and willingness to support a kid. So, the Chinese company set up a campaign named Indiegogo, were a 12 year old boy brought up the idea of a smartwatch named Comb 720. It is like they wanted to make the press favor them by using the image of their kindness towards a kid. Anyway, some say the 12 year old had the most amazing idea about a smartwatch.

Everything is about laser beams

Apple is focused on achieving the first place in the smartwatch future and Google is orientated towards voice gestures. Laser Beams seem to be not interesting for leader companies on the market. This is the reason why the Future Interfaces Group makes its way on the market by experimenting and setting up the so called `skin buttons`. Those reveal on your skin the buttons of your apps by using a laser. This is certainly something you want to have on your wrist.

Spire and stress assessment

This wearable called Spire aims to evaluate the stress amount the wearer experiences. It observes how the wearer breathes in order to establish when someone is tense, agitated or concentrated. This is an interesting and useful idea to set up in a wearable. It may help people diminish their stress levels.