Reviewing The New Pebble Steel

Make an impression by keeping things simple. Pebble will help you do just that.

Pebble was the first smartwatch model that started a real uproar on the fundraiser site Kickstarter.

After a year has passed, Palo Alto came back with Pebble Steel. Its appearance was classier and clever looking with its plastic build, and the swatches of steel adds up to the professional look.

But would you choose to wear the original Pebble’s successor over the current Wearsmartwatches from Android, such as the LG G Watch or the Gear Live from Samsung?

Pebble Steel: Presenting features and design

The first made a fun and positive impact on the user with its chunky and ful plastic build and rubber strap, but you could not say it was classy and professional. But once Pebble Steel was introduced, steel and glass replaced the plastic material. You would not feel out of place wearing this new model with a sharp suit.

They did not forget about the rubber band either, giving the option of choosing between a steel or leather strap in the watch’s box. Its appearance is close to Casio digital watch.

One small issue would be the edge which surrounds the Gorilla Glass display, it is edgy and looks unfinished.

The display is 1.26 inch, 144 x 168, monochrome and you can easily read it in any light. It is perfect remembering it is a basic smartwatch. Its backlight comes very handy in the darker hours after you shaken your wrist.

The Pebble’s Usability

Pebble Steel runs perfectly well with both Android and iOS and it is said that a hack can make it work with certain Windows Phones. If you know how to use iOS’s interface, then learning to use this watch will be very easy.

The initial is straightforward, you only have to install Pebble app on your phone, turn the Bluetooth on, pair and you are done.

You don’t have to learn the operating system due to Pebble Steel’s user-friendly appearance. The only downside would be the endless notifications buzzing on your wrist; on Android you have more control over this issue than on iOS.

Battery life and Performance

The general belief is that smartwatches should have a battery life of at least a few days. In this domain, Pebble Steel really has an advantage, tests have shown that its batter can last up to five days.

The only down point was the fact that some times the watch dropped from 20% to 0%. You can charge the battery in about two hours. Also, you can smoothly scroll through the menu.

Apps for Pebble Steel

Having calendar and email notifications appearing on your wrist is very nice, but the thing which puts smartwatches on a pedestal would be the selection of apps and their bonus features. Pebble has proven itself rather capable in this aspect.

While releasing Pebble Steel, Pebble created and officially released an app store. Thanks to this, you don’t have to waste time looking for apps. The store is easy to navigate, making app searching very smooth. Once downloaded, the app syncs to your watch and you are done.

Even though you can only have eight apps on your Pebble Steel, Pebble Locker will help you move app to and from your smartphone.

With this smartwatch, finding a nice restaurant for dinner will become very easy by using Yelp, and also you will not get bored as it has some games as well.