Review Samsung Gear Live - part 1

The great innovation Samsung brought to its new device consists in the operation system -Android Wear.

Regarding the design, it can be said that the Samsung Gear Live is very alike with Samsung Gear 2 Neo, except the location of the button and the fact that there is no infrared LED.

Another flaw of this devise consists in the lack of a speaker incorporated.

Thus, the only thing to do is to dictate to the smartwatch as any other Dick Tracey-style calling option is missing completely.

At first sight, the smartwatch can be described as a rubber strap that draws the attention to a clasp meant to merge with the metallic frame that envisages the bezel and the display. As a strong point, there can be mentioned its elegance comparing to other similar products, such as LG's G Watch. Furthermore, the user can change the strap with any standard 22 mm one just using a mini screwdriver.

Another advantage to mention is that the Samsung Gear Live is very comfortable to wear due to the fact that it is lighter and thinner than other similar devices such as G Watch or even Samsung Gear 2 that is around 15% heavier because it has a built-in camera. Moreover, it is slightly curved so it fits perfectly on the wrist.

Fitness tracking

A plus provided by this device in comparison with other rival devices from LG consists in embodying a heart rate monitor on its back. On the other hand, this sensor does not the reach the standards imposed by other devices such as Gear Fit or Gear 2.

Android Wear step counter is another fitness element incorporated in this smartwatch. Unfortunately, it is not as precise as some other activity trackers.

The product tries to compensate these flaws with the fact that Samsung Gear Live is both dust and water resistant .


The display is one of the strong points of this product, as Samsung Gear Live possesses a superior screen (a 320 x 320, 1.63 inch, Super AMOLED panel) that provides nice and bright colours. However, there is problem when it comes under bright sunlight as it can be shoddy.

Another flaw may be the fact that this product suffers from big bezel blues. Moreover, there is a major problem with the battery life.


Both the Gear Live and LG G Watch have similar configuration regarding hardware : 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor and 512MB of RAM.