Review on the wearable tech of 2015

The year of the wearables was, without any doubt, 2014 and 2015 will be even better.

2014 saw so many smarwatches such as the Apple Watch and the Samsung products and even more wearables.

Chcek this review of the wearables that came out in 2014.


The annual CES conference took place in Las Vegas this year in front with the wearable tech.

The metal-strapped Steel smartwatch made by Pebble was shown off along with the MetaWatch.

Sony, Intel and many others displayed their products but only one attracted the public. That one was the Razer Nabu. Also, an announcement has been made by ZTE, who is launching its first smartwatch.

Whoever said that the wearable tech isn't gonna be so popular was so wrong because it actually was the trend of the year.


Pebble strikes again and launches its Appstore on iOS and announced that it will be on android as well soon.

Samsung unveiled its Gear 2, the Gear 2 Neo and the Gear Fit. Rumours were heard about HTC's fantasy wearable.

Apple's CEO, Tim Cook stated that Apple will launch new product categories this year, the iWatch.


This month, Google unveiled Android Wear, the Moto 360 and the LG G Watch. Few details were said but the public loved the idea.

The UP 24 fitness band was announced by Jawbone, The Lifeband Touch was launched by LG and Huawei confirmed that it will launch more wearables. These are few events that took place in March along with the prices of the Samsung wearables which were higher.


Nike captured all the attention in April due to the rumours saying that Apple is going to work with Nike at the forthcoming iWatch.

The Nike's CEO admitted the involvement, but in certain capacity he said. Some headgear-related wearables were announced, along with the newest Samsung product, the Gear S smartwatch which is supposed to work without a smartphone connection.


There were news saying that Microsoft was making a smartwatch but they were so wrong. Instead, Microsoft was really working at something, not a smartwatch, a fitness band.

LG stated that they are working on developing its own round-faced smartwatches. They also said that the devices will be able to control a TV.


We can rename this month into Google Glass, because that's all it was about. In UK the glasses cost £1,000.

An official price was stated for the LG's G Watch. The device will sell for £159, being a lot cheaper than the Samsung products. Also, Nike released a version of its FuelBand App that works on Android.


The companies that make wearables predicted that the wearable market would be worth £1 billion by 2018. Still, Samsung and Google clash over their different approaches.

The miCoach Fit Smart was launched by Adidas, its first fitness tracker. Samsung stated that it will soon develop wearables in the matter of business and after, the virtual reality headset Gear Vr was announced.


The launch of the Wearable website this month was the most important thing of the month.

Smartwatches were announced by Cogito, HP, Withing and Guess. Everyone has wearables nowadays, Barack Obama has, and also its dog.

The Gear S was officially unveiled by Samsung but, on the other hand. the curtain was drawn back by LG, and there are no further news on the G Watch R.

Some headphone were announced too, the Jabra Pulse and the SMS Audio BioSport made by Intel.


The iWatch was unveiled this month, making its fans extremely happy and full of joy.

The Flash was unveiled by Misfit, which is a cheaper version. Net-a-Porter accepted to sell the Google glasses and Sony announced its SmartWatch 3 and the SmartBand Talk.

A smart earbud was announced by Motorola and Blackberry announced their start in wearable developing.


Fitbit launched three new fitness trackers and the Microsoft band and the Moto 360 are available for buying.

A smartwatch was released by which got a bad review. It was stated after that they will replace it with an updated model in 2015.

A wearable that helps you to sit straight came out, the Lumo Fit. Also, the GOQii Life and the Olive Band did the same.


Lots of products hit the shops this month such as the Sony SmartWatch 3, Acer Liquid Leap, Samsung Gear S, LG G Watch R and the Withing Activité.

The Microsoft band had a bug but now it is fixed and the band is back on sale. The curtain was drawn back on the MB Chronowing but there are another options for the one who fancied it, the Gymwatch or the Timex Ironman One GPS+.


Sony pulled the wool all over all our eyes because the FES Watch turned out to be theirs.

Fitbit teamed up with Weight Watchers and the Apple predicted to sell 24 million watches.

Xiaomi lined some coffers for Misfit and the fans of downward dogs will lap up Prana.