Review on the Autographer

A moment naturally captured makes the most awesome photos and gives them the quality to be remembered. Unlike the other cameras, the Autographer, it’s a new camera that’s able to generate the most natural images.

The legal and social issues of snapping everyone and everything were highlighted by the idea of lifelogging which isn’t new, being brought before by Google Glass.

A little awkwardness it is felt when people go outside wearing the Autographer, so it limited it to close places like family time in the garden or bike rides.

Characteristics of the Autographer

With only two general photo settings, the Autographer costs £299. It has a sequence mode (captures a series of nine pictures) and an adjustable continuous shooting mode (high, medium and low)

Made to be worn on clothing or bags, the Autographer can fit in the palm of your hand, but cannot be worn on a shirt pocket because of its heaviness. On the back you can find a large clip which helps you attach the camera on clothing or bag strap.

The difference between high frequency mode and low frequency mode it’s the battery duration; meaning that the battery runs out faster on high frequency than on low frequency mode. It’s made to store 28,000 images (8 GB capacity), so probably the battery will consume before you run out of space.

Images made by Autographer

In order to capture some amazing pictures, the Autographer has incorporated large-angle lens which captures with a fisheye property. This opens the field of view up to 130 degrees.

The problem is that if it’s attached to large clothing, the Autographer would move back and forth or from side to side away from the action. And another thing, if you want to clip it to any non-horizontally appendix, you may want to turn the camera so your pictures won’t be shaky.

Applications for the Autographer

There will be a lot of pictures taken, good or bad, and you will need the application in order to winnow them out. You cannot see your pictures from the machine itself, so you have to download the application available for iOS and Android users or the desktop applications for Mac and PC.

The desktop version however it’s more helpful for the editing task and as a guideline we added a little help in order to improve the pictures. You can sort your pictures using the GPS tagging property if you spend your day in different places.


The Autographer lacks quality, but there is plenty to like about it like capturing unique photos of your day. It will take some time to find a couple of keepers while you are going through the pictures.

Due to the lack of quality, the usable shots produced daily were consistently low.

The Autographer’s price it’s insane because other cameras, fully featured, including DSLRs, are way cheaper. People seem to like the low quality photos more than high quality ones and they are paying a lot for a camera to take those.