Review on the Android Wear

More than 71,000 Pebble Time smartwatches were sold for a total sum of 14.3 million dollars.

Here's an update of our Android Wear review, with the new big updates and changes.

Is Android Wear still embronyc or Google got the smartwach market sewn up already?


Download the Android Wear app, turn your phone Bluetooth on, and pair it with the watch. That's how you set up your smartwatch.

Remember that you need an Android smartphone with a version of 4.3 or newer in order to pair it up. Bluetooth is also needed but it is almost impossible to have a phone with Android OS which lacks a Bluetooth.

All the Android phone manufacturers personalize their phones interfaces. On the other hand, the Android Wear watches will all be the same.

Usually, people crave Google Play versions of smartphones because they are better than the Android ones. None of those got Android Wear though.

The Moto 360 and the LG G Watch R got boasting circular displays. They both look different than the Sony SmartWatch 3 and the Asus ZenWatch. In the matter or performance, it is the same.

This equality in the matter of performance means that all the updates are being released at the same time for those devices.

What's the time?

The time-telling and the notifications are the most useful features of the Android Wear.

The feature that you will use the most, for sure, is the time-telling which it will have a number of pre-selected watch faces to customize your interface.

A huge variety of watch faces were added for the platform with the second major update. There are even packs of faces, some faces are free but some come at a small price


In the matter of notifications, there are alerts for WhatsApp messages, incoming texts, tweets, Facebook updates, emails and more.

Use the Android Wear smartphone app to manage what notifications you want to be alerted about. So far, they didn't encountered problems.

A problem is that you cannot decide what kind of notifications you want to receive from a particular app.

The Google Now

The pop-ups and the notifications on your Android Wear smartwatch are basically powered by Google Now and Google Knowledge Graph.

Sometimes, useless notifications are being sent. For example, you have a meeting Friday. It is placed in calendar and when Friday comes you will be notified. The bad thing is that until Friday you will get notifications everyday on how to get at your meeting address.

All the notifications, the Google Now updates are presented in a card style. All the updates from same app or with same subject will be stacked.

There will also be an option for you to open the relevant app on your smartphone for more details and such.

Android Wear – voice control

The voice control is activated by the words ” Ok Google”. After you say this, tell the watch what you want to know or what you'd like to do for you.

A problem is that talking to your watch, especially in public will make you look weird. This problem needs to be solved.

Apps for the Android Wear

Any Android app that is compatible with your watch will automatically connect. Control options will be shown on the wearable or a mini app will appear on the phone.

By using the smartphone Android Wear app you can manage all the apps and default actions and you can also pair more wear devices to your phone.

In the Google Play store there are endless apps for the Android Wear, so take your time and pick the best.


Music can now be stored on your watch and can be accessed any time you want. At the moment, only the Sony SmartWatch 3 has this feature.

The GPS is also a good feature and works fine but you need to have the phone it you because the GPS is not built in.

If you want to have a free GPS tracking app for your smartphone, use Google's MyTracks app.

The Sony SmartWatch 3 is really impressive and can be compared to the miCoach Smart run.

In the matter of music, the Google's Play Music is the best choice because the Android Wear watch syncs with whatver you have in your phone's offline playlist.