Prices for the wearable tech at London Fashion Week

Considering that both fashion and technology are a big part of our lives in the late years, it was expected that the two domains will eventually mix up and collaborate for making amazing things. This is why you can now see on the catwalks, not only high couture dresses, but high couture dresses that can monitor your vitals, mood swings and so on.

This tendency of mixing up fashion and wearable tech is to be seen in the greatest fashion cities of the world: New York, Milan, and now London.

If you ask anyone that is working in this domain, you will see that all of them will tell you that not even the Apple's smartwatch announcement wasn't a random choice. Think about how it was announced just after the New York Fashion Week, and during the London correspondent. This was a strategy to appear up front in the Berlin's IFA wearable tech show, without having to plan this in advance.

However, Cupertino might had failed this time with the safe design of the Apple Watch, being outrun by some other wearable devices that were actually impressive.

1. The Jellyfish Dress by Richard Nicholl and Disney

This Jellyfish Dress it was by far the highest attraction of the evening. It was designed by Richard Nicholl in partnership with Disney and it was the best fashion-tech example from London Fashion Week.

The dress was created with some fiber optic cables that that would take the light from some powerful LEDs that were attached to the dress. It also has a small battery, but in the future it is to be expected that this will be replaced by a kinetic source of energy.

And if you are wondering what makes the dress so special, well, it doesn't do anything less than just being fabulous.

2. CuteCircuit

The CuteCircuit wanted to give you something to have to wear with your dress, but as the previous device, it actually does nothing, it just looks amazing.

This will provide you with the possibility of changing the prints and s of the company's clothing articles, using a Bluetooth connection with your iOS device. You can therefore make sure that you won't show up at a party having the same dress as some other girl, and if you do, you can simply switch the into another one.

This is a great example of a perfect fashion-technology partnership.

3. Kovert Designs breaks cover

This was actually designed by a former model and mathematician Kate Unsworth – and who might create a better mixture between fashion and technology than her?

She designed some prototypes of accessories that would let you see your notifications, accessories that could be rings, bracelets, necklaces. The collection of accessories was crafted of silver, gold, rose gold and some other rechargeable tech packs that are the links between your accessory and mobile device.

The devices are waterproof and it only needs to be charged once a week. Another important aspect is the fact that if you don't want your necklace to vibrate constantly from your notifications, you can choose what you want to receive, based on the contact or any predefined keywords.

4. Samsung falls flat

And this is exactly what happened to Samsung after the London Fashion Week. Important persons in the fashion world noticed and said about the Samsung devices that they are harsh, cold and not chic.

5. That selfie hat

One of the most interesting devices was the selfie hat, which resulted by a collaboration between Acer and designer Christian Cowan-Sanluis.

The very pink and very sparkling hat has a tablet attached to it that can rotate in order to catch your best posture.