Presenting the best Google Glass apps

With a large variety for its apps, Google Glass’ possibilities are almost without any limit .Glass may not be a great device at the moment, but Google deserves to be praised for its innovative project. Unlike other projects at the beginning, Google Glass can boast with its wide selection of apps, with Wikipedia, Twitter and Facebook, just to name a few.

The display allows you to browse the internet, see your emails and get informed easier and quicker than before and the best part is that there will not be a section of the app world Google has not been with the Glass-integration wand.

Presently, you already have many apps to choose from, and right now we will give you a bit of information about some of them.

The Preview

Google Glass has a smart recognition function which will give you a movie’s trailer right after you have seen its poster. This apps success will only be based on the developers’ work on updating the Preview’s database, but this app is perfect for passionate movie goers.

Race Yourself

You can add some action to your usual morning jog with some imaginary racers, friends and even zombies if you want more thrills. Race Yourself app will transform your run in a video game story. Stats of your workout routine will pop up on the screen while virtual boulders are chasing you down the road, just pretend you are Indiana Jones.

The Livelens

Have you ever wanted to be in a live show? Now you are able to be the guest star with the Livelens. This app will share out to your selected friends and groups, this way you will livestream your life. Right now, you are not able to film all day but you can share some of the important things.

Field Trip

With this app, you can get the most out of your trip or city break. Field Trip will not only give you recommendations, but also historical facts and information about the places you are visiting. You can call it your personal tour guide.


Refresh is the app that creates a profile of every person you meet. With the help of social media and manually-added notes, it will keep an updated ‘œfolder’ when you have a meeting or run into a person.


KitchMe is the perfect app which will give you a database of recipes for you to browse and make a shopping based on each of them, cutting your food shopping time in half. The best part of this is that the app talks you through the recipe, so no more greased up cookbooks.

Drive Safe

Drive Safe will use the built in sensor to detect when you fall asleep when you are driving. This app will also let you know where the nearest rest area is located so can catch a nap.


Decorating the interior has never been easier. All you have to do is photograph a space and Fancy will browse the internet for things which will match the theme of the room. Also, you can use the app to buy the items you find, or save it in a collection and make up your mind later. Furniture shopping just became more enjoyable when you do not have to get out of the house.


Before you can even start thinking about decorating your house, you have to find and buy one. Trulia is the perfect app for this task. The app searches trough local property lists and will give you a notification when it finds a match for your pre-determined criteria. Trulia gives you the ability to browse the lists, view photos and if you find something you like, call the agent and set an appointment date.


WatchUp will give you everyday personalized news in video format. The videos are taken from national and international sites and newspapers.