Preparing for a marathon

If you are planning a sub-4 hour running you can use your smartwatch in order to plan things properly. It will offer you some advices about the structure of your workout and it will help you achieve the goal you aim for.

Establish your race pace

For this stage you can use apps like Polar Flow, Garmin Connect and Adidas miCoach.

All of these will provide you info about the distance, time and pace you should have. Also, those apps will offer you advices on the speed you should have and suggest you some training plans. After this, you have to set up a plan to follow which will mix different distances with different rhythms of running. The apps are designed to make you experience how the race will feel on the big day.

Get informed before establishing your workout

Search the web and get informed about tips and tricks for running. There are some experienced runners that offer free info on this subject, like Kieran Alger who has posted about 100 tips for starters. In order to get some strength you need to consider your vitals and speed. Matching them is essential for you to make it to the finish line.

Check your fitness first

Before any marathon, it is recommended to get informed on your fitness levels. By using the apps provided by your smartwatch you can easily find out.

Choose a personalized training plan

Consider time, distance and how often you should train and get the help provided by smartwatch apps. Choosing the perfect training plan based on your needs and possibilities is essential in preparing for a marathon. This will prevent accidents to happen. After choosing the proper plan you can sync it with your watch and follow it closely.

Building your own training plan

If you do not own a watch that can offer you an app to guide you through the process, like in the case of TomTom Runner and TomTom MySports, you will have to do it by yourself. Consider your heart rate and pace and start setting up a building plan according to those numbers. Basically, you have to go for a mix between small intensity, increased endurance and intensive intervals. This will determine your body to develop strength. With this offline plan you can use the Google Calendar. So, you will get notifications on your smartwatch by scheduling notifications according to your training plan.

Setting up a training zone

By using your GPS from the smartwatch you can establish a route for your training. SO, whenever you step out the training zone you will get a buzz. This applies to heart rates or pace which will basically instruct you how to respect very strictly your training. In other words, it will make sure that you do not skip some steps from your plan in order for you to get the training effect you desired.

Even if it sounds a bit complicated, it is not that hard to achieve. Doing it by yourself or using some apps, you can plan your participation to a marathon in no time.