Pebble Time Steel amazes with its 10 day battery life

The Pebble Time Steel was released a lot sooner than it was expected and it has an amazing look. The prime version of the Pebble Time smartwatch comes covered in stainless steel and its battery lasts up to 10 days. The slightly arched carcass is available in black, silver and gold coat and it has the same e-paper display.

It also has a built in microphone. The straps of this smartwatch are easy and fast to release. The Pebble Time Steel smartwatch is 1 millimeter thick because of the fact that it has a bigger battery inside, therefore the amazing up to ten day battery life.

It is available for pre-order until the end of March at the low-cost price of 250 dollars in which you will get both leather and stainless steel straps. By the end of 2015, it is said that its price will go up to 299 dollars, so it is a pretty good deal. It is certain that all these will transform Pebble into the most successful campaign ever done!

Both new Pebble smartwatches represent a smart accessory port to the watch body nowadays, so the set of straps are meant to offer you a distinct look when wearing them. Pebble plans to release 3D files for makers and developers in order to design and create their own straps that provide electronics, sensors or connectivity to the Peeble Time and Time Steel. With those additions, the battery life cannot be ensured to be the same, but it is worth the risk. Both watches have a system that reminds us of the upcoming modular Blocks smartwatch. Pebble represents an open platform, though. You can set up whatever you desire. It is up to you how you want your Pebble Time Steel to end up looking. It is low cost, good looking and it comes with an amazing battery life. In other words, it is worth trying.