On budget smartwatches from Sony, Pebble, Samsung and more

Want a smartwatch but you do not want to pay that much for one? Well, here we present you a few on-budget smartwatches that just might be your cup of tea. You will not get the latest software or high quality materials, but you can pretty much use the same functions an expensive watch has. Right now all you have to do is read about which smartwatch developer has what you want and which one is compatible with your smartphone.


the very first Pebble was created in 2013 and was considered to be the most successful Kickstarter project from that time. You will probably happy to hear that Pebble supports both Android and iOS, and has wide range of apps and watch faces. Also, the battery life is promising as well, as it can last up to a week on a single charge. Its screen is e-ink and very good for the battery. The price of nifty watch is $150 or £99.

Sony Smartwatch 2

Even if Sony has recently released the Smartwatch 3, Sony Smartwatch 2 still remains in the gadget line-up and is available for about £100. A device to be considered if you only want a smartwatch and not hungry for the newest tech. Let us not forget to mention that this watch is compatible with Android, comes with numerous apps, a changeable strap, and it is water resistant.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

This year, Samsung Galaxy Gear has celebrated a year since its release. You might have to search for it to be on sale but it is not impossible to fint the device at a decent price. With this watch you are not only able to see notifications from your smartphone, but also you can make calls from your wrist and even use your voice to control your smartphone. The original Gear offers all the most important features the newer models do. You should be able to find it at around the price of £119.99.

Cogito Pop

This smartwatch is perfect if you only want the basics from it, and you should be able to ignore or at least overlook it design. You will receive icon notifications whenever something is updated on your phone, be it a text, email or app notification. Cogito Pop works with both iOS and Android.you would probably be very happy to hear that the battery requires no recharge since it is a button-cell battery and the watch case is water resistant. As it comes in six different colours, you should be able one to your liking. This watch’s price would be around $129.95 or £80.

Cookoo 2

This device comes off firstly as a watch and then a smartwatch, as it has no interactive features and no way to read messages. You will only receive a notification when some update comes on your phone. Good news is that you will not need to plug in to charge as it works as a normal watch. When you buy a Cookoo 2, you will get 2 straps of your choice and you can what the watch will be. The price for this watch is ‚¬117.65 or £92.

MiGo Smartwatch

With this smartwatch you are able to make calls and reply to text messages. It has a stylus which you can clip to it and can connect with any phone via Bluetooth. You can find this watch at the price of £59.99.