Office workers on the move - The Jawbone UP for Groups initiative

An aim of the Jawbone is to get the workforce moving in order to reduce the growing obesity crisis which is common in the US and across the globe. Healthier, productive and more engaged workplaces need to be created in order to fight with this disease.

A workplace based initiative has been launched by Jawbone, called UP for Groups.

This initiative was created to get employees moving during the day and stop them from slacking.

Jawbone devices reported some data that shows that there is a big dip in activity during the day. The data was mostly taken from the New York Jawbone users.

This initiative, UP for Groups is designed for groups of employees of atleast 10 people. All the data collected is anonymous, no individual users can be singled out and it is a must that there must be at least 5 people who are syincing their stats to the group. In this way, the metrics can be calculated.

In a group, people tend to be motivated to do certain activities and overcome the other group members. This is the idea on which Jawbone UP for Groups is based. The group members will be motivated to get moving during the day and Jawbone states that people who are already using this system, the group system are with 10% more active than the ones who are not using it.

In each of those groups, there will be a guy who will monitor and motivate the members. That guy will be the administrator and he will also create group-based challenges and send motivational messages to all the group members.

The well-known Fitbit had a wellness program launched an year ago so this wasn't a new, inovative idea. Fitbit also had major partners on board such as BP, GNC and more.

All the existing Jawbone trackers will be compatible with this UP for Groups feature, the existing ones and soon, the new UP3.

Jawbone posted on a blog the following : ” How well we sleep and how healthy we are, has a clear impact on our workplace. “

Jawbone also said that they want to change the enviroment of a workplace by having work non-related conversation as well, like health-focused ones. New techniques to keep in shape such as walking meetings, using the stairs and avoiding the elevator should be approached.

Oscar Health, an insurance company, handed out 20.000 free Misfit Flash trackers to any customer that wanted, to syng their daily steps to their health insurance account.

Everyone might want to try this tracker, this initiative and if you are not motivated enough to do it, you might see your bank manager or your boss the next days, doing it.