Oculus Rift Games

Oculus’ Rift headset made its way into the virtual world although it’s not officially released. A lot of enthusiastic developers wish to design awesome virtual worlds for gamers.

Many big games companies have seen the potential in the hardware, like Valve, Id software and CCP Games, and they invested in it.

Rift games are developed from scratch using big budgets. Playful Corp, the creator of Words with Friends it’s doing the same thing with Lucky’s Tale.

There will be so many games to choose when you’ll get your headset so we selected only the best ones for you. We made three categories: Existing Games , upcoming more realistic games, and the best indie titles and demos built for the Rift.

Games already on the market

Half-Life 2/Team Fortress 2
One of the first big companies that got massively enthused about the rift is the creator of Steam, Valve. Take the train to City 17 in Half-Life 2 or try a new perspective and join a frenetic fight in Team Fortress 2.

Aaaa! For the Awesome

The Aaaa! For the Awesome it’s a funny game based on jumping. In this game you basicaly have to jump from a series of skyscrapers and while you fall pull the ripcord and gather the points.

Among the Sleep

This game puts you into the skin of a little child who goes on night adventures when everyone is sleeping. Among the Sleep is presented from a knee-high perspective.

Live for Speed S2

Live for Speed, it’s a realistic racing sim who can impress even Ghost from The Top Gunners. We know what is like to sit in a car and drive, so racing games are realistic and work particularly fine on the Rift.

New Games


The game was created by Eve, an online developer CCP Games, and it’s a space shooter who puts accent on chaotic dogfights rather than trading and exploring.

Lucky’s Tale

This game it’s the kind of innovation Rift games need. It’s basically a 3D platformer with your face on the character; a third-person perspective in virtual reality games.

The Witness

The game was created by Jonathan Blow and actually maintains his obsession with twisting your mind. You start on a mysterious, abandoned island and you have to find your way out of that island by making 440 puzzles.

Doom 4

John Carmack, Doom’s co-creator, is incorporating the virtual reality tech into the next instalment of the space-shooter franchise. There will be absurdly massive weapons, huge cyberdemons and madly smirks while we play it.

The Indie games


The game features a special way of controlling time- move ahead and the clock works or stop and everything pauses. Superhot has been around for a while, so it’s quite old and now it’s seeking refunds for Rift expansion.


It’s a simple game due to its smoothness, but can be improved with a couple of challenges. The game makes the player see through a superhero’s eyes, making giant leaps and swinging from tree to tree.

Vanguard V

It’s another third person game, but this one it’s using the Rift’s head tracking for targeting characters, so you may feel you’re part of the action. Vanguard V it’s taking place in a planet’s stratosphere, so it was made with wise use of.


The game casts you as an unlucky character who shoots laser beams out of his face. Due to the Rift’s head tracking you can say there’s a lot of potential here.