Notorious wearable rumours

This is about the wearables that made the most fuss around them in 2014 and were actually just rumors. This is a list with wearables that never actually were produced.


The Nike-powered Apple iWatch

The rumors were about how impressive the new Apple smartwatch will be and that it will be designed and produced by US' two of the biggest companies, Nike and Apple. Considering that this wouldn't had been their first collaboration, people started taking this idea for granted.

When official information about the Apple watch were launched in September, no one mentioned anything about the other company, this being the end of the rumors.

However, it is to be mentioned the fact that in October, the CEO of Nike, Mark Parker, said that they will be making some investments in the wearable technology field, considering a partnership with Apple. So the two brand will, in the end, have some common ground.

2. The Microsoft Xbox fitness band

The Microsoft Band came in with a lot of misinformation. The first one was that Microsoft was going to produce its own smartwatch by the end of December. No one would actually think about a fitness band.

After the Microsoft fitness band became available, rumors started about the launching of an Xbox one as well.

3. HTC's supposed smartwatch

HTC was also targeted by rumors in 2014. Probably the biggest one was about the fact that the company was going to produce a smartwatch, that should have been on the market by the end of the year. Even if HTC indeed mentioned that they are working on some wearable tech devices, they never said anything about any smartwatches, and more than that, no smartwatch was ever launched.

4. Xbox One VR headset to take on Project Morpheus

The chances of having such a device were always something that people would hope for. There are still rumors that the Microsoft team is hardly working and playing with virtual reality but it is sure that they don't have anything just yet.

5. Samsung Galaxy Glass no-show

A report announced that Samsung was going to reveal Galaxy Glass in September. This device had the functions of letting its users to speak on the phone and listen to music while doing their workouts.

However, the issue is that this Galaxy Glass was only a rumor, considering that Samsung only revealed in Berlin the Gear VR headset.

6. Nokia wearable non-runner

The rumors about Nokia's smartwatch date back to 2013, just before Microsoft's investment in the company. And even if the smartwatch was supposed to be launcher so much time ago, there is still nothing on the market.

7. Apple's Oculus Rift rival that never was

The rival of Oculus Rift was rumored to be an Apple device but of course, this was just a scandal story. A spokesman from Apple said about this that Apple was granted to have some sort of patent for their products, concerning a way to adjust media displayed in a personal display system. This means that the users will be no longer concerned about the static displays, because they can actually carry around their media and watch it wherever they want.