News from the wearable tech world

Some may think that after the release of Apple Watch the wearable world may have a rest for a while. But this is not true; there is always some new competition to overcome. Moto 360 is on sale, while Misfit makes its way among the fitness bands to put on your wrists.

Here are some other events straight from the wearable world.

Moto 360 and its success among smartwatches

It is worldwide known that in the US the Moto 360 was sold out since day one. Everyone was charmed by its cute round screen and the urge to buy it was more than obvious. So, it has Android Wear, it is a smartwatch and it looks nice. It is worth trying.

Barclays orientates towards wearables

The bPay Band comes to compete with Apple Pay that is meant to be a part of the Apple Watch. Barclays want to go ahead of Apple and release this wearable that offers his user the opportunity to make small payments by only using his wrist. For now, it will only be tested on UK on the underground network. But the experts estimate the fact that this will be a boom on the market. We will see if the wearables will turn out our best friends when shopping.

Google Fit versus Apple Health

As we are accustomed the main battle when it comes to wearables is between Google and Apple. Google Fit and Apple Health have the same goals and aim to offer info about our vitals. It remains to see which one is better and which will offer us more security.

The all new Misfit Flash

We can see how the wearable world changes every day. The Misfit Flash is an affordable version of the Misfit Shine. It is more ful and fashionable, so it will have a greater impact on customers.

The Fashion Week from London

The Fashion week was all about the wearables and the Apple Watch got almost all the attention. It seems it does not matter if a wearable is designed by some important persons all around the world, it matters if they are from Google or from Apple. This fight will never end. Anyway, at the Fashion Week were presented some creative gadgets that can have the possibility to make their users feel in trend. It seems that the fashion industry tries to achieve stuff without the help of some important tech companies.