New Wearable Technology

Wearable technology seems that is has no intention on slowing down with it s new device releases. And right here and now, we are going to present you some of this week’s released projects.

Not such a surprise’¦but Samsung will change Gear again

It is almost impossible to start this recap without mentioning last week’s biggest smartwatch launch.

You guessed right, we are talking about Samsung’s stand alone device, Gear S. this smartwatch does not rely on a phone to connect to the internet as it has its own SIM card slot for either 2G or 3G capabilities, but it will still need to have a separate data plan.

Even though Samsung made people feel excited for it new device, it seems that the Korean company is somewhat suffocating the market with the new project.

LG goes around Samsung with a new form factor

Samsung’s Gear S was the smartwatch everyone was talking about for little over three hours. After this, LG took the spotlight with its own offer of official information about the new Android Wear-toting, slick and circular, LG G Watch R. This project was tease earlier that week.

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G Watch R may take the prize for ‘˜best looking smartwatch’ with its gorgeous design. People are still pondering between this and the Withings Activité. Cédric Hutchings, the French complany’s CEO, gave some information about what he has envisioned for the new wearable timepiece technology.

Apple and Asus did not want to feel left out

Both Apple and Asus took part of this week’s chain of smartwatch launch news. Both of them decided to announce a few teasers for their own projects. Apple sent out invitations for the 9 September event where the new iWatch is expected to be announced. On the other side, Asus gave out sketches for its Android Wear device, which will be unveiled at IFA.

Before this year will end, there are a lot more smartwatch launches waiting to happen. Sonny Vu, Misfit’s CEO, announced that they plan to power up at least six more devices.

GoPro goes walkies

After all this talk about smartwatches, we bet you are starting to get bored. What is your opinion about a pug wearing a GoPro? Or maybe even a golden retriever? Well, firstly we have to ask, do you really care about that detail? The important thing you need to know is that GoPro’s dog mount caught some positive attention from the public.

Knowing all these news, what is the week’s main concept?

We brought you this week’s latest wearable tech devices and information about them and some new upcoming ones. Some of these devices might be even looking for crowd funding.

For now, RunScribe has caught some of the public’s attention. This wearable will clip on your trainers and will deliver some data about the wearer’s runs.

Good news for those passionate about the fitness tracking game. Soon enough, you might be able to get your hands on either a Flex, Fitbit or even a Jawbone UP24.