Monitoring your blood pressure at home

If you have some kind of problems and you need constant blood pressure monitoring but the visits to your doctor are time-taking and you don't enjoy that much taking them, you should probably consider investing in a home monitor. The advantage is that you can check your blood pressure whenever you want without having to go to the doctor every time.

The health tech industry is easily developing, so when it comes to your blood pressure you can register all the data in an app, so you can compare your results on longer periods.

Moreover, you can gather all the information and show it to your doctor to interpret it.

There are also other devices such as bathroom scales and body analyzers, fitness and activity trackers and so on, that will help you maintain a perspective view on your health and well being.

1. QardioArm is an elegant device that looks just as any other blood pressure monitor but far less ugly. And also, it has a simple functioning system: you have to connect it via Bluetooth to your iOS smartphone or tablet, register the personal data about you such as age and height, place the strap round your upper arm and press the green button for the data to show up.

The results are saved in the app so you can see all the information there. The QardioArm it is said to be the top choice when it comes to this field, and it is also quite accessible, considering that you can buy it for only £99 at

2. Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor is probably one of the most good looking blood pressure monitors, it has a Bluetooth connectivity that runs smoothly and continuously, meaning that you will never have to do more than just tapping one button to turn the device on.

As soon as you turn it on, the Health Mate app will start as well and will begin collecting all the data.

The app is beautifully designed and has an easy to understand menu. And moreover, it not only monitors your blood pressure but it also monitors your weight, activity and sleeping patterns.

You can get the device from for ‚¬130.

3. Omron RS8 is a tiny blood pressure monitor that you can carry it around in your pocket. It is true that the devices doesn't come with a fancy design and a pretty smartphone interface but with a black and white screen that will do exactly what it is supposed to do, and that is monitoring your blood pressure.

The devices it attached to a strap that goes round your wrist.

The device is available at for £116.

4. iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor is a large but portable blood pressure monitoring device that works by the same principle of having a strap around your arm and sending afterwards the data on your smartphone.

And you can buy it for only 100 euros, at

5. HeartWise Blood pressure tracker is a simple device that will keep track of all your daily statistics. The issue is that the app is useless if you don't actually have a blood pressure monitor.

You can buy the app for £1.99 at