Mira - good and affordable fitness tracking bracelet that looks like a bracelet

Affordable and stylish, the Mira smart bracelet just hit Kickstarter and it ticks all the boxes for a female-friendly wrist wearable.

It is simple, it tracks steps, calories burned and distance by using an amazing circular graphic feature on the iOS companion app. It keeps winning over crowdfunding fans by being a smart jewelry.

A purple block gets bigger the more you move, is how it is represented. It is unknown what materials is Mira made of and if it has a sleep tracking functionality but it will be announced soon.

This bracelet isn't for the fitness fanatics but, with the help of the iPhone app, it displays Boosts to encourage the all day sitters to get up and exercise a bit or just walk. The user's activity levels include messages and funny bits such as “sweat is fat crying” and more suggestions for what activities should the user do. The enthusiastic American go get' em style is present here. Almost all the activities and messages are with exclamation marks. This feature might just woke the fatties and put them to work.

There are certain bracers that you can swoon over like the luxury Opening Ceremony and Intel's MICA or maybe Tory Burch's rose gold-coloured accessories. On the other hand, Mira isn't on this category but clearly isn't one of the plain black sports smartbands also.

Keep in mind that this bracelet is not cheap and is not for all the women. It comes in three sizes – petite, small and medium and the tracker itself is detachable and interchangeable. A really big shame is that the Kickstarter page only delivers the bracelets in US. When it will be launched, only the small size one will be available and none says that this bracelet will work with Android devices in the matter of images or videos.

Kickstarter did not state anything about Mira but a wider release might be seen soon. Starting with January, units will be sent out to customers.

Mira can be simply bought from the Kickstarter page for an earrly price of 149$. If you buy it now you will save 20$ from the estimated final price. They need 3800$ more to hit the 10k Kickstarter target and many people will bet on that. It is live in the US and it requires an iPhone. Get it, turn it on, sync it and start working.