Make the best out of your run with Garmin Connect

Garmin GPS is a pretty smart wearable device, no matter if you have a fitness tracker, golf watch or a running watch. If you decide to connect the new Garmin Connect web service with the Forerunner or Fenix, will be able to have a whole new range of tools to help with your training.

All Garmin devices are compatible with Garmin Connect, and together with them, you can plan plan, track, or even review your workout sessions.

You can even join team step challenges and try and outrun others’ best times.

Here are some simple tips to help you become the runner you always wanted to be.

Adjust your heart rate zones

Your running sessions will improve very much if your heart rate reading is as accurate as possible. Two beats per minute are all that it takes to change from an aerobic capacity training to an endurance building run. In order to avoid this, you will have to adjust the zones for your heart rate.

To adjust your heart rate zones all you have to do is go on Garmin Connect, Settings then select Training zones, and if you know your heart rate values simply set them.

Use MyFitnessPal

Your diet also affects how well you perform your running. Make sure you give your body the right vitamins to act as fuel when you run. With the MyFitnessPal app, you can track and monitor the food you eat but also your running stats. With this app you can change and adaot your diet to something that fits you just right.

Plan it out

It does not matter if you only want to get in shape or plan to run a marathon. Garmin Connect has a training plan to help you reach your fitness goals.

1. Customizable dashboard

You are able to select from a list what you want to see first and have the best overview of your training.

2. Want to share?

You are able to customize what you share with Garmin Connect’s privacy settings.

3. Multi-dash

If you practice more than one sport and want to keep track of all your training sessions without overlapping them, then this is good news for you. You can add extra dashboards and customize them. Each of the plans has experts advices and tested workouts from coaches which will help you achieve your own personal goals.

Top picks

This is fairly easy, look at your Garmin watch and if has heart rate smarts, then all you have to do is choose a plan which uses training with heart rates. When you find the plan that suits you just add it to your Garmin Connect and use the workout as your virtual coach.

Garmin community and support

You may think that this might not be the best place if you want some moral support, but Garmin Connect really is really a social place where you can connect with other runners, see how other people are handling their training or even participate in challenges. It is very important to keep your moral up and the community’s support is a big help.

Surpass yourself

Do not simply repeat the usual run, try and run more once a month to check your progress. Maybe you will surprise yourself and make the run easier.

Track your sleep

If you have Garmin Vivofit or Vivosmart, then on the Garmin Connect you can see just how well you are sleeping. The changes you make can help you have the most relaxing sleep every night.

Liven up your training with Live Track

Any member of your family or even your coach can see your location and what you are during a run with Live Track. If you want to it, then you will need to have your phone and the ones invited via email, Twitter or Facebook will receive a link and watch you.

Look for new running routes

Garmin Connect can help you find new running routes as it can show you the most popular routes.

Understanding heart rates

If you learn how your body works in certain situations then you are able to actually see when you make progress. When you started, maybe your BPM were very high but after some training, your body gets used to the effort.