Long expected features of the Apple Watch and more - reveal

The rumours and the news blips that didn't make it onto the site in the last seven days are here. Check them if you want to stay abreast of all the moves and shakes of the amazing wearable market and its huge expansion.


The Apple Watch site was updated this week to include a new list of details on the smartwatch's features.

There are a number of few things that came up on that list including the watch faces listed as ” Faces ” , ” Glances ” and ” Complications ” . These were present in the new sections labelled as ” Timekeeping ” , ” New ways to connect ” and ” Health and Fitness “. Yes, it says “Complications” and we have no idea what that means until the device will be released.

The GoGlove

GoGlove is a wearable wireless remote to control your phone and it is a very interesting project.

With this device, with this glove, you can control any music app remotely due to the fingertips sensor and the magnet in the thumb. The Bluetooth will allow the two devices, the phone and the glove, to sync so you will be able to control. You will change songs, shuffle, lower and raise the volume whenever you want without touching your phone.

The MotoHint

The MotoHint are some Bluetooth headsets that just got on sale in US. They were revealed in the same time with the Moto 360 and the new Motorola smartphones. This device is a voice based control system for your smartphone , not a regular calling aid and despite the fact that the Bluetooth headsets aren't so enamoured in the wearable tech, this device might change that.

You can use it to send texts, call your friends and family or setting an alarm to wake you up. These are simple smartphone tasks that you could do with the help of this device. Also, web queries can be carried, the result being relayed back into the ear.

100.000$ target smashed by Arki Kickstarter

Arki is one of the most niche wearables along with the ” walking coach” band that will analyze your posture and tell you how you could walk better.Just turn it on and see how it will help you improve your life.Kickstarter had a crowdfunding target of 100k dollars for Arki and it just got smashed. It seems that the people loved it.

Same as Arki, a good posture aid wearable that you should try is the Lumo Lift.