Life saving wearable tech

There are many things that your wearable tech can be: fitness trackers, fashion accessories, links to your mobile phone, but you probably didn't know that they can also save your life.

The tendency for the manufacturers is to make wearable technology based on health issues, but not necessarily fitness related ones, but wearable tech that can actually track your overall well-being. They can also make you stop checking your phone regularly in order for it to tell you how you feel after some steps or when are you feeling tired and you need a pause from your driving.

Next, there will be described the wearable tech devices that are worth buying because they could save your life.

1. Save your skin from UV rays

The wearable is Netatmo June and you can find it for ‚¬95 on

As you probably noticed that, it is easier to stay in the sun more than you should. And the fancy Netatmo June bracelet monitors exactly how much sunlight you had been exposed during the day. If the risk is too high you will be informed that you had enough sun for the day and you should probably avoid spending more time exposed, in order to reduce the skin cancer risk. The app will send all the information to your smartphone and you will also get advice on what sunscreen cream you should use, when should you keep your hat and sunglasses on, and when you should no longer stay in the sun and move in shady areas.

Also, the design of the bracelet is fancy and it looks more in-fashion that life-saving.

2. Staying safe on your bike

The device is called Arc Pendant and you can get it at

The wearable device is actually a pendant as its name will suggest that you must wear around your neck everytime you ride the bike. The pendant will constantly monitor your heart rate and if you are taking things too fast it will buzz, letting you know that you should take it easier and keep things at a slower pace. Also, it is the perfect navigator, considering that it will automatically read the data from your phone's map and it will translate the direction into buzzes, so you can quickly orient without having to keep looking in your phone.

This is the safer option, especially if you are riding the bike in places where there is traffic and busy roads.

3. Avoid an RTA

The device is Vigo and you can buy it for $79 at

The device is actually a helpful asset if you are a driver especially, but not only. For many times you had been driving even if you were tired, without thinking at any consequences. This wearable device will be monitoring your blinking and movements while you are driving and will let you know if you are capable of continuing the trip. The device can also give you a nudge if it concludes that you are losing focus, by either vibrating, lightning up a LED or even playing your favorite song.

4. Monitoring your heart

Considering that data show that 32% of men and 29% of women have high blood pressure, monitoring your heart should be a daily activity. The main reason for these result its due to the stress people confront with every day. This headset will monitor your stress level within a game. And the game difficulty changes on behalf of your stress changes. When you stress level is low your heart is calm and the game is easy; if you stress out and your heart starts racing more enemies will appear. And the point is to be aware that b y getting stressed you will self-destroy you.

5. Beat diabetes

The device is the Google Contact Lens that you can get from

This is actually only a prototype but if will surely be able to save your life some day. The devices uses sensors to monitor your glucose levels and blood and of course it is recommendable especially for diabetics. Every information is sent to your smartphone so you won't have to regularly check your glucose level because you will receive it automatically on your phone.