Latest fitness trackers from fitbit

There are three new fitness trackers by Fitbit that are really promising. So Fitbit completed its line-up with the Fitbit Charge, Fitbit Charge HR fitness bands and last but not least, the Fitbit Surge, which is the first smartwatch by this producer.

There have been rumors about the devices, and leaks about when they are going to go on the market, and it kind of ruined the surprise.

The good news is that the company actually made some serious progress with these devices, considering that they have a GPS and a heart rate monitor. This is more appealing for runners than the regular Fitbit devices.

Fitbit Charge and Fitbit Charge HR

The Fitbit Charge is actually the improved version of Fitbit flex. The new device is a fitness tracking band on steroids, which will help you monitor all your activities.

The Fitbit Charge can be bought for £100 and it can provide for you step tracking, burnt calories, sleep cycles and movements, but moreover it can do non-fitness activities as well such as showing the caller ID and your notifications. It also keeps track of all your data and it helps you see your goals. It is a great device and it comes at an accessible price, but it is nothing like the Fitbit Charge HR that is able to monitor your heart rate, bringing this asset for the first time in the company's line-up.

The Fitbit Charge HR costs only £120 and it constantly monitors your heart rate. This is accurately done due to the sensors attached. You will also see the calories you burnt, so that you can record any workout data. And this is something that wearable tech should have more often.

The Fitbit Charge HR also has the advantage of a 5 day battery life which is actually a huge success for an independent wearable.

Fitbit Surge

If you want to get your own Fitbit Surge you will have to take out of your pocket around £200. But it is totally worth it, with its new GPS attached and continuous heart rate monitoring.

The smartwatch has 8 sensors attached to the watch and you can use it for more than one sports, like the regular swimming, running or cycling.

Even if it has a backlit LCD display, using the touchscreen technology, the device will have a 7 days battery life, which is actually awesome considering that the device is functioning continuously.

What it means

The fact that Fitbit did all the improvements on their devices, it means that they have a clear intention of investing in the fitness tech field.

The fact that the device will be constantly monitoring your heart rate is a big plus for Fitbit. And in the future, if the device does a good and accurate job, it might become one of the main competitors for Garmin and Polar's line-up.

The CEO of Fitbit's statement says that their main goal was to bring an innovative and exceptional wearable tech, that will provide the consumers all the data they need to know about their overall well-being. And they did that by bringing a variety of tracker at some accessible prices.