Know your body with Withings

There are many wearable tech devices that are not actually wearable such as the Moto 360 smartwatch which caused a lot of fuss around it even if there's not so much information about it. There are only rumors about it, considering its an Android Wear OS but this is all that it is known.

Another device that is gaining success is the Withings Activite, a beautiful, classic and elegant but most of all smart activity tracker.

The CEO of Withings said that they wanted to make a luxurious, genuine and bold device that is not only any regular watch but it is the watch you need to have. So they struggles and brought together the best materials and designs they could find and place them at one place to achieve something extraordinary.

The advantage of having a £320 is most of all the fact that you won't be seeing everyone wearing it and second, the fact that you pay some serious money for it, gives you a certain guarantee that the product it is worth it.

The most important thing to keep in mind if you are willing to buy the watch is the fact that it is extremely beautiful and it serves you for a purpose. The idea was to make this device usable for a while, in order for you to actually monitor your health and well being.

This isn't the only device you can use, there's also the first Withings' activity tracker, the Pulse, which is actually a award winning device, keeping record of your body fat and recording it so you can see any changes.

Another device is the Withings Aura sleep monitor that is registering the movements in your sleep, your heart rate while sleeping, noise, light, temperature, and putting all those together will give you results on how healthy is your sleeping routine.

It is helpful to see the whole picture of your daily routine, sleep, health and so on to see exactly where you do something wrong.

Also, when you become conscious about all the data that the devices provide you with, it will probably force you to change your life behavior into a much more healthier one.

Withings Activite promo video makes you think about this device that is something you've known and used for your entire life. Most manufacturers are trying to figure people's needs in order to make better and more appealing devices.

The problem with creating appealing devices is that everything has already been created and it is hard to come up with a new and innovative design and creations that was never previously seen.

This means that the key to success in almost any field is to create something that you are already used to see or in other words, reinvent the things that surround us. Even if you wouldn't probably like the idea of getting out of bed in the morning, going to the bathroom and instead of your reflection seeing a dashboard with all the data about you.

However, considering that this is a really strong industry, consumers are continuously asking what will be the next generation device.