Jawbone UP Move vs. Misfit Flash

Not only did Jawbone released Jawbone UP3, but also launched a more ‘œin the budget’ fitness tracker, Jawbone UP Move, which will be under £40.

The Misfit Flash is priced under £50, but the UP Move is aimed mainly on beginners who want to be part of the health revolution.

But you may ask yourself, which one to choose? Here some information about each device to help make your decision.

Misfit Flash vs. Jawbone UP Move: Design

It seems to be an unwritten law that if the company halves a product’s price, its built quality might suffer, and this is what happened to Misfit Flash. Unlike Misfit Shine which is metallic, Flash is made from plastic, but Misfit offers an array of colours to choose from. But the material used is not the only difference. The touchscreen face was replaced but a physical button with LEDs.

Jawbone’s had the same with making a more affordable version of it device, but Misfit is easier to match with everyday clothes, while Jawbone UP Move’s s and rubber accessories made it look childish. Jawbone UP Move is made up of nylon-like anodized aluminum, making it similar to Shine in this aspect. The device has five colours for you to choose from, alongside a corresponding clip. You can also purchase a hypoallergenic wristband for the tracker, with the same five colour range.

You can wear both device on your wrist, clip it or just put in your pocket, but you have to pay extra if you want UP Move’s rubber band. The Misfit device come with a clip and strap.

Misfit Flash vs. Jawbone UP Move: Tracking

Jawbone UP Move has precise motion sensor, which is working alongside the company’s algorithms to help track your steps, calories, active and idle time and distance. Based on your age, weight, height, gender and activity , UP Move can show you the calories you burned during you workout. You have to let your UP Move know when you want to sleep if you want to use the sleep tracker.

Unlike UP Move, Misfit is able to detected by itself when you sleep and can track walking, running, swimming, tennis, cycling and basketball. The Flash is water resistant, while the UP Move is only splash proof, a great plus for Misfit.

Jawbone UP Move has more detailed results and more insight about your work day. If you only want a general overview, then both trackers are good.

Misfit Flash vs. Jawbone UP Move: Battery Life

Misfit Shine’s battery life is long lasting, and it seems that the same can be set about Flash’s battery. The battery is supposed to last for about 6 months with a regular watch-style battery.

Jawbone also promises that the lithium batter used for UP Move will last 6 months as well.

With both of the devices having the same battery life, clearly there is nothing to compare here.

Misfit Flash vs. Jawbone UP Move: Price

Jawbone UP Move’s price was set to be around £39.99, and Misfit Flash is around £49.99.

Misfit Flash vs. Jawbone UP Move: Conclusion

There really is not a big difference between the devices, other than the design, but Misfit Flash seems to win with its water resistance feature.