iWatch concepts - top 5

It is now official that the Apple Watch will be out next year.

At the end of 2014 we should have the iWatch on our wrists. On the other hand, at the moment it is not known how it will look or how it will function.

Although, there are some designers that will show us what they think Jonny Ive is planning to do.

The following are the the best iWatch concepts.

Nike Fuelband plus iWatch equals ?

Design created by Todd Ham

Nike left the hardware creating this year and as they stated, decided to focus on the software side of their products. The true reason of their give up might be a secret alliance with the heavily rumoured upcoming wearable.

By combining the slim, wrist hugging design of Nike's Fuelband with the beautiful Apple's IOS 7 interface we are going to see the long expected iWatch.

A fitness device that can be integrated with the Health Kit iOS 8 is a great wearable. Besides the fact that it is a fitness device, it will have all your phone notifications popping up too.

The iOS heavy iWatch design

Designer – Stephen Olmstead

If Apple wanted to integrate iOS 8 into a watch, it would look like this. From checking your calendar to reading a compass, Jonny Ive would go for something simple.

The circular watch face and Siri of course are a must in this design.

The iWatch Smartwatch

Designer – Gábor Balogh

This design consists of a leather strapped, circular watch that we would kill to have on our wrists.

Normal buttons are installed on this watch, on sides and the touchscreen is replaced by a normal screen. The side buttons can be used for answering calls or skipping songs. Also, this design only shows your next calendar entry, not all of them.

This type of watch shows only what you need to know and it is probably that apple will take this approach.

iWatch – personal map

This design was created by Martin Hajek.

This watch basically acts like a second screen to your phone. For example, it shows you the next turn when your are using your phone's maps application. The screen is traditional, square shaped.

This watch has a beautiful design. It is made from aluminium and curved glass might be used as well but a rise in price will be seen for sure in the price.

We will have an iWatch cuff?

Design – Ciccarese Design

At the moment, we know nothing about how the iWatch will be. It is known for sure, though, that it won't look huge because it makes no sense to put a whole iPhone onto our wrists. We have one in our pockets, we don't need one like this.

This design has a curved screen that is able to minimise down to a regular watch. You can expand it back whenever you want. The designer did a good job and made it beautiful. On the other hand, it looks futuristic and it can be said that maybe it looks too futuristic for some people.