Is ring the worst wearable ever?

This wearable was surrounded by plenty of hype following its crowdfunding success on Kickstarter.

Described by its makers as ” like magic, allowing you to control anything you want by wearing it on your finger”, the Ring wearable raised over 880,000 dollars. The makers stated that it can be used to send texts, to control home appliances and also pay your bills.

Wonderful, right?

The shipping began last month and the buyers replied just with bad things.

One buyer said that the ring is a load of crap, huge sized and that it doesn't fit.

Another one said that he wants to proceed a lawsuit for this product. He also said that he wanted to refund but none responded.

“Way, way too big”, said another customer. He also said that it is a waste of money and a fraud.

One guy just received it today and replied immediately with bad words. He said that the ring doesn't always work and that it has too few actions. He was very disappointed.

“Another Kickfail”, said another customer.

Some SnazzyLabs reviewer made a video about the Ring and titled it “Worst Product Ever Made”. That video has now been viewed more than a million times.

Another review said that ” it is the most inconvenient, useless piece of hardware and software”.

One buyer warned everyone with this funny review : “Stay away from this, it will destroy your life”.

The CEO strikes

Takuro Yoshida, the CEO of Tokyo-based Logbar had a conversation with Tech in Asia and they got his side of the story.

He said that when they launched the Kickstarter, they were on the seventh or eighth version. He also mentioned that it was huge but with every version, it got smaller and smaller.

“I can fix any bug right away due to my web and mobile app experience but in the matter of hardware, it will take some time.”

” A real product was made by going through a lot of obstacles. It was very hard, it's not perfect but it is real”

“A lot of information is needed to be published so the users will know how to use it correctly. Also, some practice is needed in order to use it properly. I wish i could show people how to use it properly because it is hard to explain by video or words.”

Basically, the CEO says that he would come himself to personally show you how to use it if he could and then it would worth the money spent.

Dangers of crowdfunding

Even a hugely successful campaign can have bad results. Ring was a great idea, in theory but in the end, it fell.

Any idea may seem revolutionary but not all of them got the potential. Huge companies with enormous budgets screw it up at some point because a successful execution of a consumer tech device is very hard to achieve.

Remember that the reality can often be quite different from the proposal. We encourage tech fans to get behind campaigns but be careful. On the other hand, take a look at the other feature, the Kickstarter uncovered.