Intel and its innovative way of seeing wearables

We are more than sure that Intel wants to make its way to the wearables market. This is more than obvious because of the fact that Intel was constantly preoccupied with releasing the most interesting devices. An example is the Intel MICA, a 1000 dollars smartband that is built out from snakeskin.

Among the amazing things that the company has been up to lays the SMS Audio heart rate headphones. Those can collect the energy provided by sound. They were designed in collaboration with the famous watch company Fossil.

Anyway, the uneven attempts made by Intel in the wearable area are not clearly pointed out. It is truew that all the smart devices and associations are certainly good, but it is not clear what the company wants to achieve through them. The VP of New Devices Group from Intel states the fact that the company wants to end up leading the wearable tech market. Also, he says that the purpose is to reveal to the world what wearables are capable of. In his opinion the wearables nowadays are not what they can actually be, they can provide much more. The company`s motto underlines this statement because it follows the idea that is imperative to `create beautiful and wonderful things`.

Worldwide, Intel is known for its achievement in the PC world. It made serious mistakes in the smartphone area, so it looks like Intel tries to advance by using the wearable market. They are confident that will succeed in this area because they learned from the mistakes made with the smartphones. The concept is simple when it comes to wearables. They suggest the fact that everyone is different and so their wearables should be. SMS Audio and MICA represent the first attempts to wake up customers. Intel wants to create something unique in order to provoke people to experience the things that lay beyond any boundaries. They believe that other wearables are so limited that they do not encourage someone`s creativity and ability to think differently.

Intel is aware that this will be a long process but they hope users will be awaken in front of the new possibilities their tech can offer. The goal is to make fashion brands embrace Intel tech in order to create fashionable wearables. They follow this concept because they think that designers all over the world know what a customer needs and demands. And by complementing the regular device with Intel tech they will be able to take over the market by simply providing some kind of technology mixed up with fashion demands.