Installing apps on your Android Wear smartwatch

If you own one of those Moto 360, LG G Watch or Samsung Gear Live Android Wear watches you should be proud and you are probably wondering how to install applications.

Unbox your smartwatch, connect it to your phone and all the apps that you have on your phone will be cloned on the watch. Of course that those will be Wear apps, not normal apps.

No other configuration is needed and all the notifications and alerts are going to appear on your wrist.

Android Wear favourite applications

TheGuardian, Evernote, Wear Calc, Pinterest, Google Maps, Runtastic, ProDuolingo, PixToCam, Allthecooks, FTTTV, VimofitGolf, ShotSwipify, TockleBunting, Wear Audio Recorder, Banjo. On the other hand, there are dedicated apps. You need to install those by using your smartphone.

Finding the apps that you want

There is a gallery of Android Wear apps on Google Play and most of these apps are updated. They provide more than simple notifications and most of them are specifically designed for watches but you still need to install them through the phone.

How to install the apps

You can install apps on your smartwatch if you installed apps on your phone before. It is the same thing for the Android Wear apps. Simply tap the confirmation screens and start downloading any app that you want.

If you install apps that are just for the Android Wear, through your phone, they will be transferred to your watch automatically and they won't show up in your phone.

Opening the apps from your watch

Just tap on the face to undim it and then tap again to bring up voice control if you want to run any app from your watch. After, select the red Google icon, scroll down and select Start. A list of apps that can be launched and used will appear and if you want to start any app, simply tap it once.

Navigate with your watch

Usually, Android Wear controls are : swipe left to see more cards from the app and right to dismiss it. You will be alerted by the dots along the bottom of the interface if there are more cards to see in the current app.

You will be able to send commands or websites to your phone. This will be only allowed by some apps.

How to launch apps from your phone

If you have an app on your phone that you would want to use it on the watch, just simple start it on the phone. It will automatically start on the watch.

If you have your phone connected to the watch and you'll launch the Google Camera app, a remote control option will appear on the watch.

How to set up the notifications

Head to the Android Wear tool installed on your mobile if you got some apps on the smartphone and you don't want to receive notifications on your watch from them. Tap the settings and then tap Mute app notifications. Choose the apps that you want to mute by tapping on the large plus icon.

After you have done this, the notifications on phone should still appear but not on the wrist.

How to set up the default apps

If you want to change the default associations, open the Android Wear app on your phone and choose the task. For example, if you will use a voice command such as ” wake me up in 6 hours”, the Android Wear will use the app which is associated with that action.