Improving your tennis technique

If you are looking forward to improve your tennis technique, you should know that there are a lot of trackers, bands and sensors to help you better monitor and analyse your game. There's a device for everything, from the ones monitoring how fast and accurate your stoke was to how much ground you covered.

Even if this field of wearable technology is not yet as known as it should be, it clearly has potential and it is worth investing in developing it.

Mostly when it comes to sports, the wearable tech is is a great asset.

You will further read about the best wearable tech devices if you are a tennis player.

1. Babolat Play

Is the oldest manufacturer of tennis rackets, and the company actually has the rights over the tennis racket as we know it, being recognized as its inventors. Not only they did that, but now they are promoting another really important invention. They created the racket with sensors integrated into the handle so that you can monitor all the strokes. After the game all the data is automatically sent to your smartphone.

In other words, the device monitors the player's stroke power, but also the ball impact position, and more information about the positioning and the strokes performed during the game. You will further have all the data on your phone for you to analyse it.

The deviced can be ordered at for £350.

2. Zepp Tennis Kit

If you are not looking forward in changing your favorite racket, you can simply attach to it a Bluetooth sensor at the end of it. As the previous device, Zepp Tennis Kit will monitor the power of your strokes, sweet spot, shot type and many others. The innovative thing is that you will be able to see 3D your strokes and analyse them easier.

The device will run by its own for 8 hours.

The device can be ordered at for £130.

3. Smash Wearable

As it was previously names, the Smash Wearable is the “changing tennis wearable”. Even if it is still a prototype, the device will be actually using a wrist band without having to add something else on your racket that might create any discomforts.

The device will be available on for Aud$129.

4. Sony Smart Tennis

Sony also developed a sensor with Bluetooth incorporated to be used with rackets produced by Wilson, Prince and Yonex. The device is already available in Japan, the price is yet to be announced and you will be able to order it from

5. Ralph Lauren Polo Tech Shirt

Without any further introductions, the great Ralph Lauren actually contributed to the design of a innovative shirt that monitors your well being and transmits the information to your smartphone or tablet.

The Polo Tech Shirt can provide you with information about your stress level, breathing patterns, the amount of burnt calories, you heart rate and so much more.

Order your shirt at

6. PlaySight

This can nearly replace the coach from the tennis field. This is an interactive system that using a camera and monitoring the player's moves, will provide him with feedback in order for him to improve its play.

The data stored by the device are the stroke types, the serve speed, accuracy, how much of the field was covered and so on.

The prices for one session varies, but you can get it from