IFA's best wearable technology

If you’re looking for the best and new wearable technology, then IFA 2014 was the best place to go. It presented a wide variety of smart gadgets, ones that you could stick on your wrist or put them on your face.

Moto 360

Moto 360 disappeared for a while now has reappeared at IFA 2014 with an official price of £199 and release date which was set to be in early October.

It seems that the videos were somewhat misleading, as in reality, this device is not as sharp looking as the promos made it look. It is chunkier than people have expected it to be and it is almost 11mm thick. Nevertheless, this watch comes with a Horween strap made out leather and a round 1.5 inch LCD display.

Asus presented its ZenWatch

This lovely smartwatch came from Android Wear, it is smooth and has a very elegant Italian leather strap. Its display is square shaped, 1.63 inch AMOLED and a nice touch what the curved glass which gave an ‘œalmost 3D’ effect. This watch also has no shortage in style, as it has over 100 different dial styles.

Bookmark Wearable

For its spicy price of ‚¬199, it does not seem to be a cheap project as it was intended.

Sony SmartBand Talk

This gadget from Sony is a mix between a tracker and smartwatch when it comes to looks and features. It was intended to be a fitness tracker with different sensors, such as an altimeter and accelerometer. The SmartBand has a battery-saving 1.4 inch e-paper display and also has built-in voice controls which allow you to make calls by talking into the band.

Sony SmartWatch 3

Sony did not forget about the actual smartwatches, and came up woth SmartWatch 3, a fancy Android Wear timepiece. Unlike its predecessors, this gadged does not run on Sony’s version of Android OS. It has a 1.6 inch 320×320 TFT LCD display, making it readable in bright day light which is a huge plus. Also, this nifty watch has a built-in GPS for navigation and running.

Garmin Vivosmart

Since we were talking about a combo between an activity tracker and a smartwatch, let’s take a look at what the Garmin Vivosmart has to offer. It has a curved OLED, which can make up for its missing calling features. This gadget is waterproof and it will only require to be charged once a week.

Withings Activité

IFA 2014 has given us the opportunity to get a better view of the new the wearable Withings has to offer. This smart device has all kinds of features and functions presented in a nice, classier way.

Epson Pulsense

This fitness tracker is aimed at the less passionate runners, as you’d like to call them. It uses optical sensors to measure the wearer’s heart rate and jus like many trackers do, it keeps track of you wile you sleep and a silent alarm will wake you when you are likely to feel most refreshed.

Epson RunSense

This gadget is simply perfect for serious runners. It has a built-in GPD tracker to better help you while you run on both iOS and Android platforms. RunSense will help you figure the stride length, foot pitch and it will also calculate the distances. Unlike Pulsense, it does not have a heart rate monitor.

Samsung Gear S

You can say that Samsung Gear S was actually the favorite of IFA 2014 due to the fact that it seems as if you have a small computer on your wrist than anything else. It has a 2 inch, curved Super AMOLED display, this making it shine brighter than any other smartwatch, and Tizen OS is helping it shine even more. The fact that it its own SIM card slot maked it a standalone device.

Samsung Gear S Swarovski

Same technical features as above, only with a more elegant touch added to it, Swarovski crystals encrusted in it. Not only that, but the nice strap also designed by Swarovski, adds a very nice feminine touch to the already praised smartwatch,

Samsung Gear VR

Thought Samsung had only that classy and handy smartwatch to present? Think again. The Korean company also presents its Samsung Gear VR. This is a collaboration between them and Oculus Rift, and it does not involve a PC, but you actually have to plug in a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. These devices with the display of 2560 x 1440 QHD Super AMOLED will slot in the front of the lenses with the help of a Micro USB dock, and the end result will be a VR resolution of 1280 x 1440 for each eye.

Along with its launch, there will available over 100 apps to choose from and some headsets which will be Bluetooth compatible.

LG G Watch R

This device is still part of the Android Wear but its design is simply fantastic. It looks more like a Casio G-Shock and has a display of 1.3 inch plastic OLED, a stainless steel case and a nice leather strap. It inside sounds very nice too as it has a 1.2GHZ Snapdragon processor, a storage memory of 4GB and 512MB RAM. It definitely deserves to be looked out for.

Alcatel Smartwatch

Alcatel has built a smartwatch just in time for IFA and it is quite the eye-catcher. Its design features the popular round-faced display with a built-in heart rate sensor, and the most important feature, it is also an Android Wear gadget. The OS is made by Alcatel but expect to have control over your music and watch face choices among all the other usual things you’d look for in a smartwatch.

Intel MICA

Intel MICA is all about style and it is part of the company’s ‘˜Make it Wearable’ drive. It has OLED touchscreen display, and it comes with either black or white bracelets.

Acer Liquid Leap

It will be available in shops in just a few days. It is a fitness band which blurs the lines between a smartwatch and a tracker with its 1 inch touchscreen display.