HTC's new fitness tracker

In the end, HTC revealed its first wearable, which stopped the tremendous amount of speculation that followed it. So, everyone was beyond curious about how the wrist-based device the Taiwanese company will release. It looks more like a fitness band than like a smartwatch.

The HTC Grip resembles the Nike Fuelband and the Microsoft Band in the activity tracking market. So, let`s see more about HTC`s new fitness tracker.

The HTC Grip and GPS smarts

As the Microsoft Band does, the HTC Grips has GPS connectivity that leads to accurate run tracking. Some products of the competition, like Fitbit Charge and the Garmin Vivosmart, do not have GPS, which means HTC moves ahead of those rivals.

Another advantage is the fact that HTC and Under Armour announced a partnership at CES. The HTC Grip works with the most popular Under Armour Record app (for iOS and Android) and the device has on it the app`s branding.

When it comes to aesthetics, HTC Grip looks a lot like Nike Fuelband. It is a solid clip system that has three sizes, all of which can be changed by using the extra links that come in the box. The HTC Grip has a PMOLED touchscreen display that will offer you information about your fitness stats and other smartphone notifications like texts, emails, incoming calls and calendar alerts.

You are allowed to manage your smartphone`s music from the Grip`s display, but you cannot store tune on the device like in the case of Android Wear.

The Multi-sport setting on HTC Grip

The HTC Grip comes with a gyroscope and an accelerometer and provides the regular step, calorie and sleep counting functions. If you are a routine runner you will get useful info from the multi-sport mode. Anyway, regular runners can benefit too from the Grip features like the Bluetooth smart connectivity. Even though it does not have a heart rate monitor as Fitbit Charge HR, Fitbit Surge or Basis Peak, the HTC Grip can still offer you separate heart rate monitor from bpm training.

The price and release date for HTC Grip

The HTC Grip is IP57 dust and water resistant rated and it has a battery life of 2 to 3 days without using GPS. If the GPS is turned on, it is expected to last about 5 hours, which is enough for everyone. It will be launched at the end of this year and it will be available only in the US. The price will be 199 dollars.