HRM watches and the best heart rate monitor that exists

An easy and simple way to supercharge your running is to buy the best heart rate monitor on the market. It will allow you to take advantage of the training and also have a perfect recovery.

The next list of monitors and running watches does not contain casual fitness trackers.

Choosing the best smartwatch, chest strap or even earphones isn't the easiest decision. The ten best heart rate sensors that are available on market are in this list.

Suunto M5

This device isn't expensive but it is full of features. It ha a heart rate monitor that locks quickly and displays all the info live. A workout guide is also available.

Sells for 100£ at

Polar WearLink+ transmitter Nike+

The Polar WearLink+ has a 5kHz transmission that makes it very effective at finding the pulse in any condition. The data can be instantly transferred to the Nike's online platform due toe their ability to pair and sync. The Polar is soft, comfortable and easy to handle.

Sells for 59.50£ at

Wahoo TICKR Run

This device is an unique featured one with a nice price. That unique feature is that it monitors the effectiveness of your runs, along with the usual heart rate, speed and distance monitors. This wearable will also let you know when you are not exercising properly.

64.99£ at


This version is the one with more features. Along the standard Wahoo ones, this has motion analytics for cycling, a vibrate functionality and e memory storage that holds up to 16 hours of data.

89.99£ at

TomTom Cardio Runner

This is the second gadget brought by TomTom which adds in a heart rate monitor that actually works well. It is expensive but you won't have to strap a heart monitor to yourself which is an advantage.

Sells for 219.99£ at

Timex Zone Trainer

This device includes a heart rate monitor that pairs with the watch. It is affordable, it is full of features and it also looks nice. Its storage isn't very large but it has the advantage that it works underwater, even at 30 metres in depth.

Sells for 45£ at

Timex Eeasy Trainer Heart Rate

This is a more simple offering from Timex. You will still get the basic job done and it is cheaper. It includes the water resistance and the average and peak heart rate.

Sells for 56£ at

Polar H7

This device is a solid heart rate monitor that can keep up monitoring your beats even when you are swimming. It has Bluetooth connectivity and it pairs with most of the devices and apps.

64.50£ at

Garmin Soft Strap Premium HearRate Monitor

This monitor pairs up with most of the fitness devices including the Forerunner watch. Once you have paired it, it will remember that device so you won't need to setup it every time.

Sells for 49£ at

The Jabra Sport Pulse Earphones

This device has its sensors into earphones. It takes your heart rate from there and you won't be needing any watches or chest straps. It will simply take it from the headphones and send it to your smartphone with audio feedback.

Sells for 199.99£ at

The devices that you must avoid

Adidas SmartRun

The low battery, the slow GPS and its high price make it one of the devices that you must avoid.

Under Armour Armour39

This one is too cumbersome in design and it's not comprehensive enough in data. Thumbs down.

Spree Bluetooth Fitness Heart Rate Monitor

The data that this device is getting is basically useless and the headband looks so weird. The audio feedback is not available and it is overpriced.