How VR can change the world

The thing that makes VR headsets popular and most wanted is the fact that they offer you the possibility to experience as if it was in real life all the things that happen in a game. It does not matter the type of activity that happens in that environment, everything can be experienced. So, you get to choose between various devices like Oculus Rift, Project Morpheus, Google Cardboard and the newly entered on the market Samsung Gear VR.

Anyway, there are some entrepreneurs that use those devices for purposes other than gaming. So, here are some amazing uses for those gadgets that you never considered until now.

Let`s do some space expeditions

We are used to the fact that NASA is always aware of what kind of new tech appeared on the market. So, this agency spotted Oculus Rift and intends to offer it a new usage. They say that it will be good material to control a robotic hand. So, they set up the headset to work with a Kinect positional tracker. This sounds like something SF, but in fact is very simple and useful. The user of this combination will be able to use it in order to control a motorized arm.

Film making by using wearables

Because of these ingenious headsets the way we acknowledge TV can be reinvented. So, by wearing those devices you will be able to actually live in your favorite TV show or serial. It is amazing how things change on daily basis.

Buying a home through a virtual tour

This is the first use of Oculus Rift was a tour of a home for its release. This proved that VR is not only for gaming and it can be used also for functional and daily uses. So, if you cannot be physically in a place you can experience the tiniest details from the distance by using a VR headset. Also, this is very practical when you design a place and architects are more than glad to see how their ideas would look like in real life before actually starting to build it. In other words, this is the most amazing and handy use of a wearable.

Considering Healthcare

Another helpful use in daily activities for a VR headset can be applied in healthcare. The University of Southern California is conducting an experiment that wants to prove how VR headsets can help those that suffer from Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). So, by making the patient to face the stressful event in his or hers life, the treatment of PTSD can be more effective. The patient will be able to understand what and why happened which will be a big step forward.

Realistic body hacks

Yifei Chai is a student that wants to revolutionize the way we see our bodies. He wants to set up a way to change bodies by using Oculus Rift. The concept is not that complicated: you need two persons, one that wears the headset and other that has diodes on their body. This will make possible for the person who wears the headset to experience how it is like in the body of the other. This sounds crazy and unrealistic but some say it will be benefic for us to see how things are from another`s perspective.