How Samsung overwhelms the market with its devices

The smartwatch that Samsung revealed, the Samsung Gear S, looks pretty promising. It is not a device that depends on a smartphone and it has its own 3G connectivity. SO, with this new device, Samsung opted for Tizen instead of Android Wear, which is pretty bold coming from the world-wide known company.

Some say that Samsung tend to overwhelm the market of smartwatches, so let`s have a look to establish if this is true.

What does it mean when we affirm that Samsung overwhelms the market?

Just for you to make an idea, consider the fact that in 11 months Samsung released 28 new smartphones! It is a bit intoxicating because regular customers will end up being annoyed by the maze of different specs, designs and prices. The same thing happens with Samsung and its smartwatches. In no more than a year, the company put on the market six new smartwatches. This is for sure a rush that has no explanation.

Here is an example. On September 2013 Samsung put on the market the Samsung Galaxy Gear. The following updates, Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit were revealed on February 2014 and by the end of April of the same year they all went on sale. So, this rush on releasing more and more devices that have small improvements than those before them has no logic. Users tend to feel suffocated by this maze of quite similar devices.

Release as many as possible in order to see which one is better

The principle applied by Samsung goes like this: put on the market as many devices as you can and for sure one of them will become a best seller. So, for Samsung this is not troubling at all. As a matter of fact, in 2013 the company managed to sell over 300 million smartphones, which suggests it is a good strategy for marketing. But this is still too odd and hard to explain to a basic customer who does not know what to choose from those devices that look a lot alike. The same thing happens with the smartwatches. But for these gadgets the danger lays in the fact that no one is willing to pay too much for a Samsung wearable just to see how it works and if it is better than others.

The company may experience some downfall in its average sales because if this aggressive strategy. Just releasing as many new gadgets as possible won`t do the trick anymore. There are a bunch of companies that tend to turn their interest towards smartwatches, which means that a regular customer will have plenty to choose from and he or she will not consider only what Samsung offers. Anyway, no one says that Samsung Gear S is not a great wearable, but there is no reason not to search on the market for other options. That is the way sales function. Bottom line, maybe in the end things will not go so well for Samsung and its aggressive strategy. Maybe Samsung should stop producing some many variants of the same device and start thinking how to improve a single device in order to become the best on the market.