How Oculus Rift makes you freak out

We`ve all heard the VR headsets are amazing and offer unique experience to its users. The main problem with it is that it is hard to convince someone why is it that interesting without that person trying it first. Anyway, if you want to inform yourself before actually trying it, YouTube awaits there to reveal you how people reacted to VR experiences.

It was used the Oculus Rift device, which is capable to irritate its user because of its accuracy.

First reaction: Mental distress

The first thing tested through Oculus Rift is a horror happening on Unreal Engine 4. This short demo is meant to make the users go through its deepest fears and a breathtaking, endless labyrinth. This will cause for sure some mental distress, which was proved in a YouTube video were Lars Nikolausson experienced in VR the demo. Everything ends up with screaming.

Going through Alien: Isolation

There is a movie that shows how powerful VR experience can turn out if you choose properly the trigger. Andrew from Shacknews tried Isolation and he almost died of fear. We wonder what he saw that determined him to almost die from fear.

What is Squish?

This is a simple set up that makes you experience the scenario were the walls get to you and slowly but surely close up on you. This is for sure a horrifying experience to live through the Oculus Rift.

Oculus Rift and Alone in the Rift

This is all about a cabin where you know for sure that some bad will happen, but you cannot stop yourself from going there. This sounds a lot like a nightmare that will freak you out if seen through the Oculus Rift.

Experiencing the Rollercoaster

There is a movie on YouTube which shows how breathtaking a rollercoaster ride can get through VR lenses. The reactions of its users are priceless and worth seeing. They do not look satisfied or terrified. It is hard to establish what they felt.

What about a rollercoaster prank?

There is always that one friend that makes a joke in the middle of something big going on. For instance, the movie where two friends experience a rollercoaster through Oculus Rift and one of them pushes the other. As you may guess, the result was for the pushed one to get totally insane, which made it hard for those around to calm him down. This is pretty much a statement of how real the VR really is.

If this made you curious, you should search the YouTube for funny videos of those using Oculus Rift. Also, get informed about the most amazing and worth trying games for Oculus Rift. You should get convinced on how amazing the experience will be. Maybe you will get terrified or astonished. You never know how your brain will react to that kind of experience. Anyway, this is a statement on how amazing the Oculus Rift VR headset is, which shall make you consider trying it. Horrifying or not, it is the ultimate experience.