High-level fitness tracker now on your disposal

The new watch prototype from Intel and Basis Science, the Basis Peak is now on sale in the USA for $199 and by the middle of December it will also be available in the UK for £169.

There were some rumours that Intel was planning to develop a new watch that follows the B1 for those who want to record their trainings and live healthier.

Just like the Basis B1, the new Basis Peak perceives your heart rate with some optical sensors that examine your bloog flow even during training.

It tracks your sleep, the calories you've burned and it can detect what kind of training you have ( running, swimming and cycling ). Basicaly, this new watch it's just like the last one of his branch, but more accurate.

Although the Basis B1 is used on the wrist, the Basis VP for Product Ethan Fassett sustained that due to the sweat and body movement it “felt down during exercise”, concluding that the readings could not be reliable.

So the new Basis Peak improved all the LEDs and the diodes so that the device would be more productive during exercising. A strong plus is that the Basis Peak is also capable of tracking your exercises un the gym, where the other trackers have always failed.

Notifications on the Basis Peak

The Basis Peak it can't be used exclusively for workouts. It can also show your calls, texts, emails or other apps by accessing both Android and iOS devices.

This option allows you to read you texts and emails directly from the watch because it is equipped with a touchscreen, but you can't search for oldest messages due to the fact that kt has a ” short memory” and it will only display you the messages received in the last 5 minutes. The rest will become invalid, no matter if it's been read or not.

Basis has a standard belt of 23mm that you can change if you want by another one (red, blue, black or green) that you can find on the Basis live site.

Heart rate streaming

We have good news for those who already work with apps like Runkeeper or Runtastic because you can easily combine it with the Basis Peak.

A huge minus of this watch is that it doesn't have built inside a GPS, knowing that it already exist devices like the Sony SmartWatch 3 that have GPS incorporated, plus the ability to play music and track your run without needing a smartphone.

While the design of the B1 model improved a lot, the Basis Peak it's much better. Itbisn't as thick as before, there is no more plastic, only aluminium and it has a Gorilla Glass touchscreen. This device it's also water resistant so it can be used in the pool trainings.

The Basis Peak watch has a battery that resists uncharged up to four days.

Another plus is that the Basis Peak can connect with Android handsets and iPhones via Bluetooth Smart, option that wasn't supported on the Basis B1. You can also syncronise stored data with the apps that you use to examine your work and add your statistics into charts and graphics to keep an eye to your workouts and your daily activity.