Headphones, Trackers, MP3 players: Best swimming wearables

As a swimmer the best way to keep track of your lengths, heart rate, SWOLF, times and calories is by using pool-friendly watches, bands and trackers. Garmin and FlyFit have been busy bringing fitness trackers on the market, and swimming trackers are one of the fastest rising wearables.

The wearables will help you become a more powerful swimmer, monitoring the amount of strokes you make per length ‘“ known as SWOLF.

It doesn’t matter if you want to listen to music or track your heart rate and lengths, we’ve got the best wearables for swimmers.

Finis Neptune MP3 player

Finis Neptune MP3 includes bone conduction technology and sends audio through your cheeks and into your inner ear. Now you won’t have problems with the ear buds that are going to pop out while you are swimming.

You can store up to 4 GB worth of music or audio books. So, you can listen to your favorite music or learn Spanish while swimming.


Add this tracker to your scuba specs and its only purpose is to track your heart rate while swimming. Instabeat it’s as close as you can get to a set of AR goggles at present and you won’t need a chest strap.

This wearable counts laps and monitors your breathing pattern. On top of that it takes its pulse queues from your temple arteries and shows the information at your right eye as one of three coloured lights: blue if you are working at fat burning levels, red when you reach the limit of your capabilities and green if you’re pushing your fitness.

Suunto Ambit3

The plus of this wearabe is that it’s a triathlete’s multi-sports option, so not only the swimmers will need it. It’s not out yet but when will be go and buy yourself a Suunto Ambit3.

It’s improved with a heart rate chest strap, for indoors and outdoors, saltwater of fresh and for tracking your every metric and movement. You can add smartwatch notifications to this fitness fandango via Bluetooth connectivity.

Misfit Shine

This tracker won’t improve your technique so it’s all about how far you’ve gone, how many arbitrary points you’ve earned and how many food you can eat as a result. It’s confortable to wear, you don’t have to charge it up and looks good too, so you can say this are a bonus.


With FlyFit it’s a great way of making sure that your activity tracker never misses a step you take. You can wear it on your ankle or feet and it will monitor your cycling, running and the kicks of your legs when swimming, but if you stomach wear it, it will do a great job in and out of the pool.

Finis AquaPulse

As a swimmer it’s useful to know your heart rate at any moment. This means you have to wear a chest strap which it’s not the most confortable item to wear in the pool.

The AquaPulse comes with an innovation: an IR sensor that can be clipped onto your earlobe where it can read the heart rate through capillary blood flow. A computer unit takes the information and translates it into audio made loud and clear inside your head through bone conduction. Pretty cool, hah?!

Garmin Swim

Buying a sport watch these days may be confusing due to the number of models on offer. Unfortunately the Garmin won’t monitor your heart rate but it will track your annoying SWOLF score, distance, speed and time metrics. It’s slim and has a nice and easy interface and you can monitor your progress on the Garmin Connect online dashboard.

Swimovate PoolMate HR

Using Swimovate PoolMate HR implies wearing a strap chest which it’s not that confortable but it;s a fully functioning sports watch too. The watch can count your lenghts, strokes, speed calories burned, total distance covered and rate. Plug the watch to your laptop by USB, where it can charge and upload all your struggle to the PoolMate sof